About Us

About Us

We began as two book lovers who fell in love with chick lit with Marian Keyes and Bridget Jones’s Diary and decided to share our love of reading and our favourite genre with online reviews. Since Novel Escapes was formed in 2009, we’ve reviewed hundreds of novels, grown to add many more reviewers, hosted giveaways, interviews and author guest reviews. And mostly importantly, we love shouting out about great reads! 

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 Our Reviews

Our reviews are a quick overview of the book and our opinions. We don't get bogged down in too much detail because we don't want to give anything away, and if it's a great book you should start reading it instead of reading a long winded review. We also want to move on to other books as quickly as possible to bring you more reviews.

The star rating at the top of each review is either the rating of one reviewer or an old school average rating when Kathryn and Lydia thought they could read and review every book. Now that we've become inundated with review requests we decided it wasn't feasible to continue this, and in addition to not posting multiple reviews per book, we've brought on several new reviewers to keep those reviews coming! There may still be some overlap from time to time though.

We do receive novels for review from publishers, publicists and authors, but all opinions are our own and we never charge for our reviewing services. Read our Review Policy.

Thanks for visiting and we hope we can help you find your next great read!

Review for Novel Escapes!

Novel Escapes seeks new reviewers from time to time, so complete the following and you will be evaluated and called upon when we need new reviewers.

This is not a paying position. You will, however, find compensation in the form of books and bookish love.


You must be...

  • Able to write a comprehensive review in 300-500 words without spoilers and without scarring an author for life.
  • Able to commit to reviewing at least one book per week.
  • In possession of an ereader.
  • Willing to search out your own reviews via Netgalley and Edelweiss and correspond with authors, publishers, and publicists using your own email address.
  • Willing to perform a few other administrative duties including uploading your reviews on Netgalley and Edelweiss and updating the Novel Escapes “to-read” spreadsheet where we coordinate all our reviews.
  • Professional and able to communicate effectively and efficiently via email.
How to apply:

Send an email to: admin(at)novelescapes.com with:
  • Your name, country, and a bit about you, including your favourite genres.
  • Tell us why you want to review for Novel Escapes in 200 words or less.
  • Include two reviews: One for a book you have loved recently, and one for a book you didn’t (1-2 star rating). Stay within our guidelines above. 

Happy Reading!


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