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Updated July 17, 2014

Review requests are now required to be sent directly to the individual you wish to review the novel. Emails with review pitches to will respond advising of our change in review policy and direct you to the Review Policy page to select the reviewer best suited to your novel. 

For any other contact including advertising and general inquiries, please use

Novel Escapes primarily reviews women’s fiction and chick lit.

Below are bios of all the Novel Escapes reviewers. Please approach the individual you feel would be appropriate for the novel you are pitching based on their personal preferences, preferred genre, and favourite books and authors. Use the email address listed in their bio. 

We DO accept self-published novels and ebooks  – at the discretion of the reviewer  – and, as with all of our reviews, reserve the right not to review once received. Please note that in order to be considered a sample of your first chapter must be available at Amazon. If it is not, please provide in your review pitch.

Due to time limitations and overwhelming demand, we:

• Will only respond when accepting a book for review. 

• Are unable to email the link when a review is posted.

• Often have a review queue 3-4 months long.

• Reserve the right not to review a novel accepted for any reason – the majority of which is due to a lack of interest.

Check out Lydia Laceby’s post on How to Pitch a Book Blogger if you’d like some hints.

We are also featuring Author Interviews. Check out the Contact Us page for details!

Author Interviews:

 We are currently featuring two author interviews: "Stranded on a Desert Island" and "Would You Rather". Please visit our Contact Us page for more details.

Our Reviews:

As Novel Escapes has evolved, so have our reviews. We began reviewing every book with two reviews and quickly realized this wouldn’t be feasible when we became inundated with requests. 

Now, every review is a single review with our honest opinion, and we usually find something nice to say even if we didn't love the novel. Links to author websites, Facebook or Twitter accounts are posted on each review, and at times we post our reviews on Amazon and Goodreads, although we cannot guarantee this.

Meet the Novel Escapes Reviewers:

Kathryn Laceby

I am currently a stay-at-home mum of two (mostly) delightful children with a part-time bookkeeping job or two on the side.  I've been reading every night since I was able to read (which according to my parents was very young) and I've actively encouraged my kids to go to bed in a pile of books since they stopped trying to eat them.  I love to read and would do so exclusively if finances and the little people demanding food and love would allow it.

Country: Canada

Favourite Books:

Violets of March by Sarah Jio
Watermelon by Marian Keyes
Samantha Smythe's Modern Family Journal by Lucy Cavendish

Favourite Authors:
Marian Keyes
Mike Gayle
Lucy Cavendish

Lydia Laceby
***no longer accepting review requests***

I’ve loved chick lit ever since Bridget Jones’s Diary. I love it all from single girl in the city to mom lit. And although I like a  lighter read from time to time, I’ve discovered I love women’s contemporary fiction even more. Most often I prefer something heavier-hitting, sometimes darker. I’m not the most girly-girl, so novels all about shoes and shopping don’t normally work for me. I've recently resigned from reviewing at Novel Escapes to promote my debut novel, Redesigning Rose, and to focus on writing my second book.

Contact: n/a
Country: Canada

Favourite Books: 

Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet
Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner
Me Before You by JoJo Moyes

Favourite Authors:

Jennifer Weiner
Sarah Pekkanen
Lindsey Kelk


I am a new (ish) mom in my mid 30s who works for the federal government by day and reads by night (and every other conceivable time possible) I always have at least one print book with me at all times, my Kobo mini and books on my Note II.

Contact: queenofcrunk(at) 
Disclaimer: I've had the email address forever and am too lazy to change it.
Country: Canada

Favourite Books: 

The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton DiSclafani 
The Banks of Certain Rivers by Jon Harrison
The Search Angel by Tish Cohen

Favourite Authors:

Kristina Riggle
Katrina Kittle
Catherine McKenzie


As far back as I can remember I loved to read.  It is a trait I inherited from my mother. She was always reading and I couldn't wait for her to finish her book so that I could take it and read it.   Romance, Mystery, Crime, Realistic fiction, Legal thriller, Autobiography, Biography and romantic comedy are a few of the genres I enjoy reading. 

When I was younger reading was a great escape, and being a creative and imaginative youngster it was a perfect way to enhance those traits.  As an adult I see now the benefits of reading and how important they are in expanding your vocabulary and ability to write and communicate.  Reading is truly a gift and one that I have already begun passing down to my own children with whom I read to every night without fail.  I hope that as they grow they too will embrace reading and all the benefits it brings.

Contact: michelle_benzvi(at) 
Country: Canada

Favourite Books:
coming shortly

Favourite Authors:
coming shortly


Madison currently works at Second Harvest, a food rescue organization in Toronto. She is an avid reader that tries to read a variety of genres, though if she had to pick her favourites it would be contemporary fiction, historical fiction,  nonfiction and short stories. She is also in a book club where they read books written by women to support female authors. 


Favourite Books:
coming shortly

Favourite Authors:
coming shortly


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