Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell

3 Star

When Tilly Cole's boyfriend packs his bags and leaves, she decides to move closer to her best friend in a tiny village in the Cotswolds. After being hired as a girl-friday, she becomes immersed in the gossipy town life, trying to avoid Jack Lucas, the center of it all. Told never to succumb to his charm, lest she become another notch on his bedpost, she's determined to follow their advice, but somehow becomes the focus of his charm.  Can she avoid another broken heart? 

 Lydia - 3 Star

I enjoy Jill Mansell’s books well enough, but don’t get completely absorbed or enthralled in them and Rumour Has It one was no exception, but I’m sure her fans won’t be disappointed.  I like her novels well enough, but they wouldn’t be the first on the list for me to read.

The plot of Rumour Has It is well structured and there are many side stories, none of them having any gaps and all seemed to relate to the small town gossip that is the theme of the novel. I thought the ending was cute and funny and liked the unusual relationship that Tilly’s best friend developed which I won’t get into so I don’t spoil it.  

So…I’m rating this as a 3 Star. I think it comes down to loving a book that makes me feel something and getting absorbed in the story and the characters. Unfortunately Mansell’s books don’t seem to do that for me – they never have I’m afraid, even ones I read years ago.  I love chick lit that’s a little heavier (although the side story with her best friend could be described this way, there wasn’t as much focus on it for me to get immersed in it). I generally find Mansell’s books a little too happy all the time and while I like to feel this way, I love to feel the full range of emotions while reading.   

In the future, because I will probably always give Mansell books a 3 star based on those I’ve read in the past (including those that haven’t been reviewed here), I may not review her novels in the future leaving Kathryn to be the sole reviewer for her books because she usually really enjoys them (although for some reason not this one as much – maybe because I’m making her read more teary-emotional stories now – who knows, I guess we’ll see when she reads another one).

Kathryn - 3 Star

Rumour Has It was typical of Jill Mansell’s novels -as I like her books I enjoyed it. Definitely a good holiday read.

Tilly has just ended her relationship (which doesn’t seem to be bothering her much) and ends up moving to a small town and taking a job as a girl-Friday for a man and his daughter.  She’s looking for a new life and ends up completely immersing herself in the town life.  There are several plots throughout the novel and they all intermingle quite well. But it’s a pretty basic story and quite predictable unfortunately so don’t expect to be surprised.

Generally a nice little read and good for a holiday but nothing earth shattering here. I preferred her previous books more, especially the first ones.

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