Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Nearly-Weds by Jane Costello

5 Star

When Zoe Moore is jilted at the altar, she flees the memories and the pity, and travels to America to become a nanny to two small children whose mother was killed in a car accident. Their father, Ryan Miller, is gorgeous and lives his lifestyle accordingly, away all day and night, returning smelling of different perfumes and as Zoe pines for Jason, she becomes increasingly frustrated by Ryan’s neglectful behaviour.  Seeking solace in the community of British nannies she wonders where the fun loving Ryan she keeps hearing of disappeared to, and attempts to figure out her feelings for Jason and her future while creating a loving, fun environment for the two wonderful children she’s charged with. Has she successfully run from her past and what does her future hold? 

Lydia - 5 Star

The Nearly-Weds was a wonderful romantic read that I thoroughly enjoyed.  It was a fun take on starting over with great characters and a plot that rolled along smoothly straight through to the end. It was full of all I expect with chick lit, especially single girl lit, including laughs, romance and delightful characters.

Costello’s wit and humour, along with her carefully crafted plot, turns out another great chick lit read.  I loved Zoe’s character with her determination and desire to figure herself out.  The children were lovely and I liked their role in the story, along with Ryan’s character.  Zoe’s parents were fully present and well developed even though they weren’t with Zoe in America and I loved the community of nannies as well.  The plot was seamless with no loose ends and even though predictable, kept me intrigued through to the end.

There’s a reason The Nearly-weds was awarded the Romantic Comedy Award 2010 by the RNA (Romantic Novelists Association).  It was a wonderful read and easy too as experienced by myself going through a difficult transition - I was still able to read it quickly and enjoy it no less.  Costello has many books available and I look forward to reading more!

Kathryn - 5 Star

There’s nothing particularly unique about The Nearly-Weds and I have to say that it is somewhat predictable but despite these things I really enjoyed this fun & quick tale of single girl lit.

I enjoyed Zoe’s story from the beginning as when she’s left at the altar (although she’s completely devastated) she decides to make a big move by taking a nanny position in another country.   She’s obviously not one to sit around getting too depressed and I liked that about her –the reader could still feel that she was upset without feeling like she was a wet blanket. I definitely got the impression that she was looking for something new and exciting rather than another man to immediately fill the gap. 

For me the book really took shape with the people she met in her new job.  The other British nannies were hilarious and I got lots of laughs out of them- Costello even manages to develop the other nannies charges well too. The kids Zoe herself is in charge of are lovely and as their relationship develops it’s completely clear she loves them.  I even liked the sad & sulky father who hired her to be the nanny in the first place.  I was also impressed by the integration of her parents- they provided the perfect mix of support and intrusion- as one would expect from parents!

Like I said, I was fairly sure I knew what would happen in the end but this didn’t in any way lessen my enjoyment of the journey there!

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