Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two Years, No Rain by Shawn Klomparens

4 Star

Andy Dunne is in his early thirties and is a down and out weather forecaster whose wife has just left him.  As he attempts to pick up the pieces of his life, everything suddenly changes when his friend and secret love, the much married Hillary, convinces him to audition for a new gig which he nails and he is suddenly thrown into the limelight. Andy has many choices to make.  Will he make the right ones and figure himself out along the way? 

Lydia - 4 Star

Two Years, No Rain was a great contemporary novel with a male perspective on life and love.  It was refreshing, the voice clean and crisp and I found this book really easy to read. Andy was a lost soul and even though I found him likeable, I didn’t love him every moment in the book. Even so, I felt like I understood him and his motivation and enjoyed this novel about possibilities even when life knocks you down multiple times.

This was a fast read and I got completely absorbed into Andy’s world. The writing was quick, witty and fast paced.  I loved Andy’s relationship with his sister’s family, especially his niece as well as seeing him exploring his feelings, how he represses his emotion and ignores his health. It was not unlike several males I know, so I found it believable and I loved the change to a male perspective as we typically read mostly stories with female protagonists. 

This book deals with some sensitive subjects, but was a more light-hearted read and they were handled tactfully. I liked the weather aspect to this story, finding it original, interesting and full of symbolism.

Two Years, No Rain was a great read with a fresh voice and I can’t wait to read Jessica Z and Shaun Klomparen’s future novels!

Kathryn - 4 Star

This is the second novel for me by Shawn Klomparens and although I’m not sure I completely get into his head during his novels there is something really good about his stories.

Two Tears, No Rain has some wonderful people in it, a really well developed plot and is very well written.  I really was impressed with the other characters-so much so that I did feel like I knew the main character based mostly on his relationships others.  I absolutely loved that Andy is so involved in the lives of his sister and her family.  That he gladly allows his teenage niece move in with him, so that she can get some distance from her mother, melted my heart.  The detail in the characters relationships was appreciated and I love when a novel paints clear pictures of places and things without feeling like it’s dragging down the pace of the story-line.

My only tricky hurdle was that I didn’t like Andy’s potential girl-friend.  I found her dry, cold and irritating.  I’ve been trying to put a finger on exactly why that is and my best guess is that we don’t see her interacting much with other people in the novel- except her husband- so she comes across as exceedingly selfish and I couldn’t understand why on earth Andy would want to be with her.

Two Years, No Rain made me laugh and made me think so all in all I would have to say that I liked it a lot!

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