Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Birds and the Bees by Milly Johnson

4 Star

Stevie Honeywell is a romance writer whose husband leaves her for sexy Jo McLean only weeks before they were to walk down the aisle. Determined to win him back, she embarks on a self improvement regimen including dieting and exercise. Adam McLean is also just as eager to win back his wife Jo, and when he suggests an outrageous plan to Stevie where they pretend to be a couple to try and win them back, she hesitates. Who exactly will everyone end up with and will Stevie get her romantic ending? 

Lydia - 4 Star

The Birds and the Bees had the same Milly Johnson charm, wit and humour I have come to expect from her books. I did enjoy her other three novels slightly more than this one, but it was still a lovely read.

I giggled frequently as I tend to do with Milly Johnson’s novels and a few scenes have been firmly imprinted in my mind (no spoilers). I liked the characters, and fell in love with Stevie’s best friend. I find she portrays the supporting characters so well I want them to have more of a roll in her stories - maybe that’s why she has interconnecting characters in her novels?

There were times I wanted to shake the main characters though in aggravation. They couldn’t see past their own desire to get their husband/wife back and couldn’t move on which annoyed me at times.  Other than that and it being slightly predictable, this was a nice romantic read, full of insight on broken marriage and finding love.

Milly Johnson still remains one of my favourite new chick lit authors.  Seriously, go pick up some of her books today! Chick lit lovers will not be disappointed. And I’m thrilled for her new book deal – 2 books a year starting next year! And congratulations to Milly on her well deserved success!

Kathryn - 4 Star

The Birds and the Bees was another wonderful story by Milly Johnson and the she’s certainly now one of my favourites. 

I found this story a little different from her others as it was focused almost entirely on one character- like A Spring Affair I suppose- but it wasn’t a mesh of several female stories like her other two books.  It was nice to have the focus be on one person but that’s not to say that her supporting characters weren’t very much involved in the plot.  In this novel I particularly liked the main characters best friend- she was colourful and fresh and I loved her relationship with her husband and children so much I wanted to meet them! 

I don’t remember any of her other heroines having children of their own and I thought she did a really good job of including him without it being overpowering in an already highly charged subject matter.

As I’ve come to expect the novel was full of subtle insightful comments about marriage and relationships but I definitely had some giggles too!

Another great read!

Thank you to Simon and Schuster UK, for our review copy!

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