Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Acts of Publicity Week

Have you heard?  It's Random Acts of Publicity Week! 

I love this idea! It appeals to me as both a book reviewer and an aspiring novelist and it's something we do every day here at Novel Escapes when we read a great book (and unfortunately, on the flip side, some not so great ones).  Do you?

Do you shout it out when you've read a fantastic novel to your family and friends? Or do you shelve the thought like you do when you have a fantastic customer service experience and think you should write in a letter, but never do?  (Or is that just me with my past customer service career?)

What about taking a few moments to craft a few words and post it on Amazon, Goodreads or Library Thing?

Taking just one novel you've loved and spending a few minutes to post a review could mean all the difference for an author when potential readers are looking for opinions.  Support your favourite novelists and post a review today!  It could mean the difference to their career and have them writing more fabulous novels for you to devour.

Here are three debut novels I've read this year that I adored and want to shout it out again how fabulous they are:

Catherine McKenzie started an initiative several months ago through an online campaign directed at promoting other novelists she feels haven't received the appreciation they deserved and it fits so well with the Random Acts of Publicity Week that she's doing some great giveaways. Find more information on her group here. We've read the books she's promoting and really enjoyed her choices! 

Read more about the Random Acts of Publicity Week for tips on how to write a review, how to post it on Amazon and how it all began.

We hope you'll take a few minutes to show your favourite authors some love!

Happy Reading,

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