Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queen Camilla by Sue Townsend

5 Star

What if being Royal was a crime?
The UK has come over all republican. The Royal Family exiled to an Exclusion Zone with the other villains and spongers. And to cap it all, the Queen has threatened to abdicate.
Yet Prince Charles is more interested in root vegetables than reigning … unless his wife Camilla can be Queen in a newly restored monarchy. But when a scoundrel who claims to be the couple’s secret love child offers to take the crown off their hands, the stage is set for a right Royal show down.
And the question for Camilla (and rest of the country) will be:
Queen of the vegetable patch or Queen of England?

Kathryn - 5 Star

I should probably start by giving the disclaimer that I’ve been reading Sue Townsend’s novels since I was a kid- starting with the famous Adrian Mole- so I’ve always loved her books!

Queen Camilla is very very funny and hopefully not just because of the British in me.  The entire royal family and anyone else deemed “undesirable” has been sent off to live in “exclusion zones” by the current government.  For her part the Queen doesn’t seem too bothered about the current state of affairs because she’s a bit tired and is thinking that it may be time to abdicate anyway.  However this would leave Charles and his new bride Camilla to rule the country (should they ever be released and re-established that is) and the Queen isn’t entirely sure that this is what is best for the country or her family.

Every character Queen Camilla is a little bit awful (hopefully not quite like the real people!) but you can see that Sue Townsend has tried to give us a little bit of what we know to be true mixed in with the outrageous.  I loved that the exclusion zones were run like a half-baked prison and that the entire country was now being organized by a national computer system that was constantly making mistakes.  Sue Townsend makes writing a novel with so many people and places and events look very easy and I loved every page of it.

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