Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wiped - Life with a Pint-Size Dictator by Rebecca Eckler

3 Star

After her little bundle of joy, Rowan (a.k.a The Dictator), arrives, Rebecca Eckler wonders when the promised "rewarding" part will kick in. She wasn't supposed to trade in tight jeans for baggy sweatpants, or give up the dream of sound sleep and a passionate sex life.

Kathryn - 3 Star

Wiped is cute and funny and everything you’d expect from a diary of a mother during the first two years with her daughter. Eckler has a great dry sense of humour I appreciate and the format of the novel being a diary lends itself to the short bits of humour and hysteria that come with babies and trying to fit them into your life.

I’ve heard that your life is supposed to be taken over by baby so it amused me that Eckler was determined to not less this little being takeover the possibility of going to a restaurant or of keeping their condo an adult friendly space.  I’ve frequently had the same notions myself and I’d say that most of the time I’m in charge of the kids there are definitely toys absolutely everywhere in our once tidy home.  I’ve given up on trying to maintain any sense of serenity in our décor.

The one thing that I didn’t really relate to was having a full-time nanny and being at home on maternity leave. I could see how Eckler would have found this a little awkward at first- I’m sure I wouldn’t say no to some extra part-time help and some me time but someone full time in my home would feel a little odd for certain.

For me this novel gave me validation that I’m not crazy. It made me laugh many times and cry a couple of times too- and although I’m not saying that everything going through her head has gone through mine I would imagine that every parent will find something to relate to in Wiped.

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  1. Oooh I need to read this one too, even with the 3 star rating! :P



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