Saturday, April 21, 2012

Misfortune Cookie by Michele Gorman

4 Star

“Following your heart will pay off in the near future”

The fortune cookie had spoken, affirming Hannah’s decision to move to Hong Kong to be with her boyfriend. Ever the optimist, she’s determined to make a success of her move, no matter what anybody says.

Unfortunately, anybody seems to be everybody and her life isn’t going exactly to plan.

Lydia - 4 Star
Misfortune Cookie (fantastic title!) is the follow up to Michele Gorman’s hilarious first novel, Single in the City, and it was just as fun to read as the first in the series. Laugh out loud funny in places, cringe inducing in others, Hannah is a likeable, albeit misguided character at times, and I really enjoyed reading about her adventures in Hong Kong.
Misfortune Cookie has fantastic descriptions of Hong Kong which has increased my travel bug to head east even more now! In fact, after I finished, I caught an episode of House Hunters International that took place in Asia and I watched the entire episode (I usually skip past episodes unless they involve a beach), even more fascinated after reading about the area through Hannah’s eyes and experiences. The maid’s quarters/laundry room/closet seemed to be aptly described based on my TV viewing and this, along with other descriptions and attention to details showcases Gorman’s research well. She traveled to Hong Kong to experience and report first hand and this definitely shines through. Read about Gorman's personal adventures in Hong Kong here.
Hannah’s adventures kept me on my toes as I was never sure which direction this novel was going to take and having read her previous disasters in both love and work, I kept reading expecting the worst. Thankfully Hannah was able to figure herself out some more in Misfortune Cookie and I appreciated that she came across as slightly less ditzy in the sequel than she did in Single in the City. I really liked the ending of this novel. It didn’t wrap up at all how I thought it would, but I think it was appropriate for Hannah and in fact, I’m kind of hoping there’s another novel I can sink my teeth into because I’m not entirely sure we’ve come to the end of her story!
Fans of Sex in the City, the Shopaholic series, and Lindsay Kelk’s I Heart Series will appreciate Gorman’s novel and her easy to root for heroine and the hilarious situations she tends to find herself in. Although I don’t think I giggled quite as much with Misfortune Cookie as I did with the Single in the City, it was still amusing and entertaining and I would definitely read more of Hannah’s adventures if Gorman decides to treat us to them, and would read more from her even if it’s not a followup to Hannah’s adventures.
Thank you to Michele Gorman for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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  1. Thanks so much Lydia, for reading Misfortune Cookie - I'm so glad you liked it! It was SO fun (and scary!) to move to Hong Kong for the research. Every day brought more unusual experiences and unfamiliar situations. It was truly a culture shock, but in a very good way :-)

    Lovely readers who might like to see more of that adventure can take a peek at the daily blog I kept while I was there. The blog is read-only now so it doesn't post comments, but gives a flavour of what it was like living there.

    Thanks again, and happy reading! Mx

  2. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Michele! I've added the link to your adventures in Hong Kong above also!



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