Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Boca Daze by Steven M. Forman

3.5 Star

Retired Boston cop Eddie Perlmutter returns in Steven Forman's Boca Daze.  Since moving to Boca Raton, Florida, Eddie’s busted Russian counterfeiters, solved at least two murders, thwarted neo-Nazi harassment, and gained justice for a number of those who couldn’t do it for themselves. This “Boca Knight” knows no fear—except perhaps when he’s facing the intimate challenge of sex as a sexagenarian. But Eddie may have met his match when he tries to shut down a string of illegal pill mills and finds himself a financial scammer as big as Bernie Madoff.

Armed with his unfailing wit, his Boston-bred fighting skills, and his courage in the face of danger that would make any sensible retiree head for the comfort of his condo, Eddie’s walking on gimpy knees straight into the most dangerous game of his never-dull life.

Sabrina-Kate - 3.5 Star

Boca Daze not one of the usual books that I would read. It kind of reminded me of something I'd pick up if I was at a relative's or someone's beach house and was looking for something to read. Not that I regretted reading it; quite the contrary. This book was an entertaining read with well developed characters and the main protagonist kind of reminded me of a Columbo type.

The story flowed very well and I could believe that it would be something I'd see on a crime show like CSI or something, but I didn't buy that a retiree in Boca Raton was necessarily investigating and solving all of the crimes he did. That being said, the Steven M Forman did an excellent job of making the story move along with ease. The chapters were short just the way I like them and the book was infused with lots of witty humour.

I believe that if you like this kind of book, you'll like this one.

Thank you to Forge Books for our review copy!

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