Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Walk In The Park- Jill Mansell

4 Star

It's been a while, but Lara Carson's back in Bath and lives are set to change as a result. Because Lara left her family and boyfriend Flynn eighteen years ago without a word to anyone. Why has no one heard from her since?
Her childhood best friend Evie is thrilled Lara's back and able to share her happiness. Evie's about to walk down the aisle with her dream man, Joel. Or so she thinks...

Then there's Flynn Erskine, even more attractive now and stunned to see Lara again. The spark between them is as strong as ever, but how's Flynn going to react when he discovers the secret she's been keeping from him?

Oh yes, there's a lot of catching up to be done... 

Kathryn - 4 Star

I loved this story and read it in a couple of evenings- in the past I’ve sometimes found Mansell’s novels entertaining but not always unique but I think this one captured a new story line while still keeping the same tone that Mansell is popular for. 

There are some great characters in A Walk In The Park including our main lovely lady Lara who is strong and funny and generally fabulous. Her upbringing was awful but she’s so strong willed and determined that I feel she was justified in every decision that she made in her life up to this point.  She does get a bit stubborn though and that just adds to her charm and I absolutely loved her relationship with her aunt and her daughter- both equally strong minded and stubborn women!  Their matter-of-fact and get-on-with-it attitude is great- gave me a kick start on a few projects I had hanging around the house and am now feeling very pleased with myself!

Mansell does throw a couple of twists into this story that I wasn’t expecting and I was pleasantly surprised by them.  Her supporting characters also were funny and felt fresh and original- I was most fond of the jeweller she ends up working for in Bath because he was just the right amount of nosy.

I own all of Jill Mansell’s novels and though I’ve had a little disappointment in the past I feel that all in all I enjoyed A Walk in the Park immensely- looks like Mansell has come back to give us more of what we like- with a little more oomph too!

Thank you to Sourcebooks for our review copy!

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