Sunday, December 16, 2012

Top Reads of 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone! 

We hope you have all had a fabulous 2012 and are gearing up for an even better 2013! After growing from two reviewers to four at the very end of 2011, Novel Escapes has just grown again and is now a little family of five. Despite the upheaval in all of our lives this year - between the four of us we had three moves, one pregnancy, three gravely ill parents, one engagement, two hyper toddlers, one new night school student, and one almost finished manuscript - we've managed to keep on reading on and post more reviews this year than ever! We are all hoping life settles down in 2013 and that we can post even more reviews in the upcoming year. 

Warm wishes for a safe, happy and healthy holiday and the 2013 of your dreams.

The Novel Escapes Team
Lydia, Kathryn, Kaley, Sabrina-Kate and Jen






  1. I am so honored to see Breaking the Rules on this list. Thank you so much!! Happy Holidays to the Novel Escapes team and all the best for 2013!! xo

  2. So many great books! And so many gorgeous covers too. :-)



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