Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Shortest Way Home by Juliette Fay

2.5 Stars

Sean has spent twenty years in Third World war zones and natural disaster areas, fully embracing what he’d always felt was his life’s mission. But when burnout sets in, Sean is reluctantly drawn home to Belham, Massachusetts, the setting of Fay’s much-loved Shelter Me. There, he discovers that his steely aunt, overly dramatic sister, and quirky nephew are having a little natural disaster of their own. When he reconnects with a woman from his past, Sean has to wonder if the bonds of love and loyalty might just rewrite his destiny.

Sabrina-Kate - 2.5 Stars

The Shortest Way Home was definitely a book that I had hoped to really enjoy as I have enjoyed previous works by this author and the premise of the book appealed to me as well. However, I cannot say that it lived up to its expectations.

The book just felt off most of the time and let me explain why. I felt that oftentimes the story was either too rushed with pieces missing or too detailed. So therefore the story didn't flow particularly well as it seemed off balance somewhat.

The Shortest Way Home is a story of a man who is making major decisions and also needing to come to terms with his life so will probably appeal to most people. However I did find it difficult to believe that this person was in his forties and had worked all over the world. Often I felt like he was acting and reacting like an adolescent instead of an adult which gave me pause. I'm not saying it isn't possible but it just didn't seem likely.

The descriptions, when they were there, were beautifully written but again, it was not enough to make me love this book as much as I wanted to.

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