Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Things Are Going To Slide by Rangeley Wallace

5 Star

In Things Are Going to Slide, Marilee Carson Cooper, daughter of a prominent southern family, teaches law and runs a law school legal aid clinic in the small Alabama town her family has inhabited for generations. But then things slip out of her control. She is pregnant with her second child when her husband leaves her for another man. She loses a coveted job--to her first love--that would ensure her financial security, and she is desperately trying to help a teen-age mother accused of murdering her baby. 

Jen - 5 Star

What I have found is that a great book doesn’t just entertain you, it teaches you.

With that in mind, I must give Things Are Going To Slide by Rangeley Wallace a 5 star rating. I was entertained, I felt emotions right along with the characters and I learned a lot.

Marilee Cooper is a respected law professor in Alabama. She’s smart, but she’s clumsy and self conscious, which makes her one of the most relatable character’s I’ve read about in a long time.  And to top it all off...she’s 8 months pregnant and in the middle of a divorce. I immediately related to Marilee and could feel her discomfort of being largely pregnant and uncomfortable.

When an unexpected announcement at the law school is made that changes everything Marilee was looking forward to, she is forced to face her first love, Dwight, who she hasn’t spoken to since she walked in on him cheating on her during college.

Dwight is hard not to like. He’s smart, savvy and has the charm some high school sweethearts never lose. But since I was so invested and in love with Marilee’s character and he had broken her heart, I didn’t want to like him on her behalf. I was rooting for them to get along though, especially when I read they’d be working together on a case.

The plot centers around Merilee’s career  as a law professor and her students’ cases. The main case involves the death of an infant, which was hard to read about, but I was so interested in learning about the court proceedings that the plot moved smoothly without making me too sad. The passion  that Marilee, Dwight and the students fight with for their client’s cause is infectious.

My favorite part about this story is that Rangeley Wallace wrote the most satisfying ending. Everything came full circle and left me smiling as the book came to a close.

I will definitely read more of Rangely Wallace’s books.

Thank you to Rangeley Wallace for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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