Friday, March 8, 2013

That Time Of The Month by Emily Shaffer

4.5 Star

Recently fired and almost broke, thirty-year old Ellie decides to push all distractions aside and form a crash-or-burn plan to save herself and finally pursue her dreams. She gives herself one month to make the near-impossible happen, otherwise she has to leave New York City and move into her niece's toy room.

The plan seems simple but becomes complicated by a nosey best friend, a difficult roommate, a dreamy stranger, and a really bad ring. As the month progresses, Ellie must confront the realization that by deciding to focus on herself, she may have become completely self-centered.

Will she let her own ambitions, insecurities, and assumptions ruin her friendships and get in the way of a possible romance? Ruled by endless lists and fueled by several plates of pie, Ellie's comical thoughts and mishaps drive this story from the office to the coffee shop during a month that will leave her with a broken foot, a great pair of shoes, and a forever changed life.

Jen - 4.5 Star

What would you do if you only had one month to turn your life around? In That Time of the Month, Eleanor Bennett has to do just that. Author Emily Shaffer has created one of the most likable, relatable characters I have read about in a long time. Eleanor is quirky, clumsy, and lovable. The book opens with her getting fired, which is at first devastating, but Ellie turns a bad situation into an opportunity for her dreams to come true.

Even though Ellie’s dream to write an award winning novel seems far fetched, especially because she naively thinks it can happen in a month’s time, I still rooted for her. She finds a charming cafe to write in, she makes friends with a waitress who gives her free pie and to top it all off, there’s a handsome man staring at her from across the room.

Ellie’s adventures are inspiringly clever. I loved the setting: a less than posh New York City neighborhood, an overlooked cafe and Ellie’s apartment, a one room space above a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, which Ellie calls her “extra crispy” home. She’s given herself one month to get on the right path. It’s either make her dreams happen or take up residence with her brother, which means living in her niece’s toy room.

Ellie breaks a bone, gets robbed, has a grouchy cat as a roommate and admits aloud that she believes her closet literally chooses her outfits for her.  She’s a procrastinator and a little too childlike at times but all of these things add up to a really fun read. I can’t decide if my favorite part of the book were Ellie’s insanely funny “lists” that she makes about random things (She and I even hate the same movie) or the fact that she embarrasses herself regularly and is still able to laugh at herself. It’s little anecdotes like these that make this book read like your favorite romantic comedy on the movie screen. Especially since the man in the picture is mysterious, kind and wears Converse sneakers.

In the magical month this book takes place,  Ellie makes a go of her dreams and in the meantime, she takes back the reins of her life. She learns what it means to be a good friend, how to love herself a little more and she learns a thing or two about love to top of it all off. What you get when you read That Time Of The Month is a tale of a lovable heroinne you won’t soon forget.

Thank you to Emily Shaffer for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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