Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Power Trip by Jackie Collins

4.5 Star

A Russian billionaire and his state of the art yacht. His beautiful and sexy supermodel girlfriend. And five dynamic, powerful and famous couples invited on the yacht's maiden voyage. A senator and his lovely but unhappy wife. A very attractive movie star and his needy ex-waitress girlfriend. A famous black footballer and his interior designer wife. A male Latin singing sensation and his older English boyfriend. And a maverick writer with his Asian journalist female friend.

Could this be the trip of a lifetime? Or could this be the trip from hell?

Whatever happens on the high seas doesn't necessarily stay there.

Sabrina-Kate - 4.5 Star

The Power Trip is typical Collins. Absorbing in its fantastic descriptions of a life most of us will never lead, it truly is her usual style of story. Like savoring a guilty secret, I read this hefty tome in two days which was very easy to do despite being more than 500 pages as each chapter was short but packed full of action and interesting descriptions and yes, the signature sultry sex scenes she is also known for. The story rolls along at a rocking pace with alternating chapters focusing on all of the characters within, keeping things interesting and diverse throughout. The descriptions are amazing with no detail left untold.

I think that The Power Trip appealed to me as it gave a glimpse, whether realistic or not, into the lives of the rich and famous. To see how life could be, what some people are privy to and how they are spoiled by circumstance is something that most of us are curious about in one way or another. I am not sure how realistic the lives portrayed within are but I am sure that there is at least a modicum of truth to them. And if not, it certainly is entertaining to think that there is.

Collins truly does excel at what she does but this should come as no surprise as she has a lot of experience with these types of tales. I only have to wonder how much of these types of scenarios she might have personally been part of. For any Collins fan, or for someone that wants a great beach read or has a weekend to while away while escaping reality, this is definitely a read for you.

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