Friday, May 3, 2013

Something About Sophie by Mary Kay McComas

3 Star

Clearfield, Virginia, is a sleepy, idyllic hamlet where residents welcome its comfortable, familiar routines. But when a newcomer arrives in town, long-buried secrets threaten to surface and destroy their haven . . .

Answering a call that summons her to a stranger's deathbed, a reluctant Sophie Shepard is too late to hear what he was so anxious to tell her. What was so important that a dying man would think of her in his final moments? With the help of Dr. Drew McCarren, Sophie begins to dig into her past, setting off a chain of events that chills the quiet town of Clearfield, Virginia, to its roots.

With part of her wanting nothing more than to put Clearfield behind her and run back home, Sophie knows she won't rest until she discovers the truth. But growing closer to the residents also means uncovering their dark secrets--secrets about the woman who gave Sophie up for adoption, the mysterious part these strangers played, and the life she never knew she nearly had.

Jen - 3 Star

The general idea of Something About Sophie by Mary Kay McComas is promising. Stories about adoption are always endearing to me. I understand Sophie’s curiosity about where her story began. The first half of Something About Sophie was great; it really grabbed my attention.

Sophie is a great protagonist, plus she has red hair, so everything is a little more interesting with her around. There’s just something about brave redheads that makes for a great story. And what is more brave than leaving your home to search for answers about your birth parents, especially when the answers seem to be coming from a man on his deathbed? 

When Sophie hears that a man she doesn’t know has left something to her in his will, she assumes he holds the key to her unknown past, including her birth parents. So she makes the trip alone to find out why, who and what is behind this man’s story. 

With any great story, the main character gets much more than she was expecting, including a handsome doctor, an endearing caretaker and mysterious murders that seem to be anything but coincidental. The questions Sophie must answer pile up faster than the chapters can answer but I liked the fast pace element of the story.

Where Something About Sophie lost some of its steam for me was in the second half of the book, where many of the characters and connections to Sophie’s story got confusing to me. Keeping track of names is sometimes a struggle for me, especially if I am trying to connect those names to their parts in a mystery. There are also some loose ends that didn’t seem to get tied up at the end.

Sophie’s story and character stays strong though, and her blooming relationship with Dr. Drew McCarren kept me interested in the book for the most part. My only criticism in that area would be the steamy factor, but maybe passionate scenes are just my taste and the lack of them didn’t take away from the story. 

Something About Sophie is worth a read if you like action and mystery and a brave, likeable red head.

Thank you to William Morrow for our review copy. All opinions are our own. 

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