Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rita Hayworth's Shoes by Francine LaSala

3 Star

Amy Miller gets dumped on her wedding day and everyone knows it's for the best as her relationship with David had eaten away at her for years. Except for Amy... When her best friend, Jane Austen-Rabinowitz, and Jane's sagacious six-year-old daughter, Zoe, convince Amy to treat herself to an extravagantly priced, super-cute pair of shoes, which purportedly once belonged to a siren of the silver screen, she balks at first, but their allure soon wears her down. Once they are hers, her life turns around. She gets refocused on her career and meets a true kindred spirit, the also-jilted English professor, Decklin Thomas. She's not attracted to Deck at first. But when circumstances lead to them spending more time together, they bond, and Amy starts to believe she may have found her soul mate. But when Deck's former wife goes missing, again, the perfect romance may not be what it seems...

Kaley - 3 Star

Every once and awhile I get the chance to read a book that everyone seems to have enjoyed. Francine LaSala’s novel Rita Hayworth’s Shoes was one that a lot of my blogger and author friends have loved. I was really looking forward to it but, unfortunately, it fell a little flat for me.

I think part of the problem, for me anyway, was that I didn’t feel much of a connection with Amy. I can’t really put my finger on why – perhaps I couldn’t understand why she felt like she needed to stay with David even though none of her friends liked him or how she changed for him.

There were lots of other little things that kind of irked me, too. Zoe (Amy’s best friend’s daughter) was a little too clever for a six year old (though she did have some hilarious comments), Deck and Amy had lengthy discussions about literature that went right over my head, and I really didn’t like having to wait until over halfway through the book before finding out what kind of animal Amy and David’s “babies” were. While these things seem trivial, they took away from my enjoyment of the novel for a good chunk of the book. Kind of silly, I know.

Of course, all that being said, I did end up being drawn into the story. While I didn’t want to be BFFs with Amy, I did want things to work out for her. She was sweet and I really wanted her story to have a happily ever after. Her life and her goals had been pushed to the side when she was dating David but once she was free of him she was really able to achieve everything she was meant to.

Overall, I didn’t really love Rita Hayworth’s Shoes. I had to push my way through most of it but I really did want to find out how Amy’s story ended (even if I’m not entirely sure what happened). While this novel didn’t thrill me, I still plan on checking out Francine LaSala’s other novel one of these days!

Thank you to Francine Lasala for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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