Saturday, August 31, 2013

Flipping by Mary Ellenton

3 Star

Fay Famaghetti is ready for a change. She realizes that she is meant for something beyond the drudgery of working in her family's Italian restaurant business. When she moves from her hometown of Brooklyn, New York to suburban Long Island, a unique opportunity in a traditionally male dominated profession presents itself and with not much more than a supercharged ambition and an accounting degree, self-assured Fay decides to go for it. 

Willfully seduced by the greed of the era and prospering in the murky waters of a corrupted system, Fay quickly gets in over her head while mixing business with pleasure within the treacherous industry that helped tumble the world's greatest economy.

Sabrina-Kate - 3 Star

Flipping was a book with big aspirations. It took a heavy type of subject matter and developed a story around it. I can't say that flipping houses, selling houses, or anything to do with real estate or finance interests me at all. So, it is to the author's credit, no pun intended, that this book interested me at all. Therefore, I can say that she does seem to know her subject and gives enough detail to make it realistic.

It makes me sick to think about the stories within about the terrible situations that the people found themselves in due to financial situations, and I also had a huge dislike for a lot of the characters for taking advantage of those who were unlucky. I think that it is probably very realistic, but it is also very sad.

I didn't like the naivete of the main character at all. She seemed to be so confident and driven from a very young age so I didn't feel that it was a character trait of hers that made sense. I couldn't reconcile many of the different things about her as to belonging to one individual. Perhaps that was the author's intention though - to prove that she was a conflicted and confused person?

Also, I have to say that I detested the ending. It seemed too convenient, if I can use that word for lack of a better one. I didn't like the way things were wrapped up. It just seemed too easy, but I won't say more in order to not spoil the ending!

Flipping definitely had its good qualities, as I did learn a fair amount about mortgages and how people can get taken advantage of, but I just didn't particularly enjoy the characters within.

Thank you to Moonlight Garden Publications  for our review copy. All opinions are our own. 

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