Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Me And Mr Jones by Lucy Diamond

3 Star

You may love him, but can you ever love his family?

Introducing a family business and four different women, each dealing with their very own Mr Jones...

Lilian and Eddie Jones have been the owners of Mulberry House for years, but now Lilian's worried about Eddie's health. Will any of their three sons step in to take on the business?

Alicia, married to Hugh Jones, is a perfectly behaved wife and mother. But with her fortieth birthday looming, she feels the need for excitement. Maybe it's time to spice things up...

David Jones is struggling to come to terms with his redundancy, while his wife Emma is desperate for a baby – whatever the cost.

And Isabel Allerton is on the run from a dark and troubled past. She's determined not to fall for charming, unreliable Charlie Jones... but will her heart listen?

Kathryn - 3 Star

Me and Mr. Jones is a novel perfectly suited for holiday reading and I enjoyed it for just that reason. I found it a bit of a slow start, perhaps because we’re introduced to the parents instead of the brothers on the off-set, the mother is a bit scary so I wasn’t sure I was going to warm to any of them.  Luckily my opinion soon changed.

The novelty of the story is really that Diamond is directing us to the marriages after the falling in love and I liked her slightly different perspectives from the brothers.  I loved Alicia’s turning-40 plan of attack and can see myself creating such a list when my children no longer need me for every detail of their existence. The time to find oneself again is a bit scary for Alicia and I related to her. Izzy’s story is very touching and her relationship with the black-sheep brother Charlie is lovely- I found them so sweet and her children are darling- you just want to hug them all. Her eventual bond with the mother was the most touching part of the novel to me.  It’s those relationships- that come from mutual need- that are the most compelling to read about. The third brother, David, drove me a bit nuts, I just didn’t have a lot of patience for him but his wife was more interesting so I gave him a chance!

All in all I didn’t read Me and Mr. Jones and find myself particularly fussed about how things would be worked out because it just isn’t that kind of book - in the end all the pieces of the puzzle were placed in the correct spots which is comforting in itself sometimes!  

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