Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Lies You Wanted to Hear by James Whitfield Thomson

5 Star

A deeply moving, beautifully-written picture of how the smallest crack in a relationship slowly, over decades, becomes a canyon too wide to bridge.

When Lucy meets Matt on a blind date, Matt is instantly hooked; he sees Lucy as the fun, sexy, and wickedly smart girl of his dreams. Although she’s still getting over an old lover, Lucy is won over by Matt’s sweet, thoughtful nature. But 20 years later, alone in an empty house trying to imagine the lives of her two young children, Lucy comes to realize that the little lies you tell can create more damage than the truth you’re hiding.

Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

Lies You Wanted to Hear was one I knew I would love from the first page and I was not disappointed at all. I loved the dialogue, the characters, the story, just everything. This was a story with excellent pacing and it had certain complexities but everything fit together perfectly. I would end reading each chapter and not want to pause at all as the story was that engrossing.

The characters, despite their faults and the lies they tell, are ones that you will get to know and care about. In my case, I could empathize with both of the main characters, after all, nothing in life is black and white.

Both Matt and Lucy will pull at your heartstrings but for very different reasons and the story does unfold in not-so-obvious ways which I found done so masterfully that it was definitely not predictable but was quite believable. This story could have had an ending that wasn't logical or pleasing but I cannot find any fault with this book at all except maybe that it had to end!

I really like books that feature parts of the story told by the different people in it and this book was no exception. I think it helps to get a more complete story when you get the different perspective from different characters instead of a one-sided view of things. It helps to create a better picture in my opinion.

I also found myself wondering what I would do if I was in either of their positions and wondered what lies I would tell or what ones I would accept. I loved that this book challenged me to think about things that I never really had before yet was not too heavy while doing it.

Lies You Wanted to Hear had every element I love about a great read. Great and believable characters that you come to care about, and quickly, a gripping story told from many perspectives, and fantastic dialogue and details. I cannot recommend it more and it will probably be one of my top reads of this year.

Thank you to Sourcebooks for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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