Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disconnected by Jennifer Weiner

5 Star

Shannon Will is twenty-eight and has made six trips to rehab (not that anyone's counting). But this time, she swears, will be different. She'll clean up her act, go to meetings, find a sponsor, and make a clean break with her past—starting with a new phone number.

But old ties aren't so easy to sever. When Shannon's new phone starts getting messages she was never meant to see, Shannon has to decide whether to risk getting involved, or stay safely disconnected.

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Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

Disconnected is a short story by one of my favourite authors so I decided to review it and I am very glad that I did because it definitely showed me a much different side of Jennifer Weiner's writing that I would never have expected.

The only thing that I could possibly complain about is that this story was so short. I think it took me less than an hour to race through it because it was that good that I truly did feel like I couldn't read it quickly enough. If I could write something that I could be proud of, this would be exactly the type of plot line I would want to write myself.

The story was utterly gripping from start to finish and I almost felt myself in Shannon's shoes at some points. Her character is one that I would love to hear more about though the novel did come to a very logical and satisfying conclusion.

A must read for Jennifer Weiner's fans especially if you want to see the variety of fiction she can tell.

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