Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Husband by K.C. Wilder

5 Star

Eve Wolcott has it all: a handsome, successful husband from a moneyed old New England family, two bright young sons enrolled in a premier prep school, stately homes sprinkled along the East Coast. 

Well, except that her husband is a serial philanderer, her mother-in-law is the devil in Lily Pulitzer, one of her sons is miserable at prep school while the other is dismissive of her altogether, and it takes a cocktail of antidepressants to get Eve through her day.

When a chance encounter with a hunky stranger coincides with Eve's discovery of her husband's latest betrayal, she throws caution (and at least one perfectly good pair of panties) to the wind. Is she having a crisis inspired by her impending fortieth birthday, or is she just ready to take a long, hard look at her life and shake things up a bit? 

Egged on by Tamara, her brash, potty-mouthed best friend, Eve embarks on a steamy adventure with perpetual playboy Finn. Amidst the rich backdrop of coastal Rhode Island, Eve discovers how much of herself she's sacrificed over the years -- and how much more she may have to sacrifice yet to bring passion and meaning back into her life.

Lydia - 5 Star

Fifty Ways to Leave Your Husband is a fun, frothy and sexy read. But it is also very smart. And very, very funny. Eve Wolcott has everything: a gorgeous husband, two beautiful sons, a stunning house, and oodles of money. But Eve’s life proves the old adage that money can’t buy everything. She suffers from a serious void in her life and has a hard time putting a finger on it, popping anti-depressants to get by. And when she finds her husband in a very compromising situation, her perfect looking life suddenly isn’t so perfect after all.

Eve is a fantastic heroine to root for. She’s smart and sassy. Her internal dialogue left me giggling more than once. All of the characters are fabulous, particularly her BFF, and I loved to hate her evil, vile mother-in-law whose antics and behavior dropped my jaw several times. Skip, her husband, is loathsome – as he should be. And Finn is swoon-worthy like every random sexy stranger you meet right after walking in on your husband doing the unthinkable should be. I like that Eve goes and does something totally out of character after discovering her husband’s been unfaithful. Wilder balances our hate for Eve’s husband perfectly with flashbacks on how they met and their courtship. He wasn’t always so despicable and this makes their relationship understandable and relatable.

Eve’s journey is believable and she’s a sympathetic character, but she never comes across as wimpy or whiny. She’s maybe just a bit na├»ve when it came to her husband – and his family! There are several twists and turns I wasn’t at all expecting which was fabulous. Reading this also had me wanting to gas up the car and go on a road trip to Rhode Island.

I loved Fifty Ways to Leave Your Husband and I can’t wait to see what else K.C. Wilder has in store for us next!

Thank you to K.C. Wilder for our review copy. All opinions are our own. 

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