Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Year After Henry by Cathie Pelletier

5 Star

One year after Henry Munroe’s sudden death at age 41, his family is still reeling from the loss. So is Evie Cooper, a local bartender…and Henry’s former mistress. While his widow, Jeanie, struggles with the betrayal, his overbearing mother is devising plans to hold a memorial service on this awful anniversary. And to make matters worse, she might even invite Evie.

Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

I originally hesitated when I first picked up A Year After Henry because of the subject matter. A novel written about the first year after losing a loved one felt like it might be difficult to read to me and having lost my father earlier this year, I suspected it might touch a nerve and I thought that it would perhaps stir up difficult emotions in me, but I can say that I was quite pleased to have given it a chance.

I have read Cathie Pelletier's books before and always thought them sort of amusing in a small town tales kind of way but I can say that I truly enjoyed this book and felt that it was quite interesting to get the perspective of different characters about the person they had all loved and lost. The old adage about there being several sides to each story definitely rang true with this story and how the author tied everything together and made it all fit was almost magical.

Even the characters who did things that I would normally find reprehensible were somewhat appealing to me because she made them so inherently human that you couldn't help but understand why they did things that were not so nice.

A Year After Henry was a revelation in many ways. It wasn't something that I was expecting to be honest but was a novel that I enjoyed so much more than I had hoped for.

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