Sunday, August 24, 2014

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl

3.5 Star

Billie Breslin has traveled far from her California home to take a job at Delicious, the most iconic food magazine in New York and, thus, the world. 

When the publication is summarily shut down, the colorful staff, who have become an extended family for Billie, must pick up their lives and move on. 

Not Billie, though. She is offered a new job: staying behind in the magazine's deserted downtown mansion offices to uphold the "Delicious Guarantee"-a public relations hotline for complaints and recipe inquiries-until further notice. What she doesn't know is that this boring, lonely job will be the portal to a life-changing discovery.

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Michelle - 3.5 Star

Delicious! is a light easy read that introduces us to the word of food and epicure through its main character, Billie Breslin. But you do not need to be a “foodie” or master chef to enjoy this novel!

Billie Breslin has newly arrived in New York city, running from something dark in her past that we only learn about little by little as we read more and more into the novel. We do know that while she can cook, and has in the past, Billie now refuses to do so due to something traumatic that has happened to her. 

Young, smart and with a discerning palate Billie finds a job working for a well know food magazine, aptly titled Delicious, but just as she is settling in and starting this new chapter in her life the magazine ceases publication. As the sole remaining staff member kept on to manage the delicious guarantee (which guarantees readers their money back if their recipe is not successful), Billie explores the century old house that the magazine calls home and discovers a secret library with a mystery dating back to WW2.  As Billie unravels more and more of the mystery between Lulu and James beard she goes on an adventure to find Lulu and at the same time comes face to face with her own past and the secrets it holds.

Delicious is a fun and easy read if your looking for something light and entertaining. The plot is easy to follow and the characters are easy to like. While the book tries to be mysterious and slowly introduces us to Billie’s past and secrets it was quite easy to figure it out and so in that small sense the book fails, but overall I would recommend it.

Thank you to Random House for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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