Saturday, December 13, 2014

Caught by Lisa Moore

3 Star

Caught begins with a prison break. Twenty-five-year-old David Slaney, locked up on charges of marijuana possession, has escaped his cell and sprinted to the highway. There, he is picked up by a friend of his sister’s and transported to a strip bar where he survives his first night on the run. But evading the cops isn’t his only objective; Slaney intends to track down his old partner, Hearn, and get back into the drug business. Along the way, Slaney’s fugitive journey across Canada rushes vibrantly to life as he visits an old flame and adopts numerous guises to outpace authorities: hitchhiker, houseguest, student, lover. When finally he reunites with Hearn just steps ahead of a detective hell-bent on making a high-profile arrest, their scheme sends Slaney to Mexico, Colombia, and back again on an epic quest fueled by luck, charm, and unbending conviction. 

Sabrina-Kate - 3 Star

Honestly I was not blown away by Caught and was quite surprised to hear that it is to be adapted into a CBC television show. Having previously enjoyed Lisa Moore's work I was utterly disappointed in this novel, sadly.

It really doesn't take me long to read a book especially if it is something I am enjoying but the fact that it took me about six months to slog my way through it should be some kind of indication as to what I thought about this novel.

I have to give Moore points for an original story and I did like the mostly Canadian setting, as with her past writing yet every chapter seemed somewhat interminable and I cannot quite figure out why.

Perhaps Caught was just not a book that appealed to me because the story itself was not my usual fare. I do know that a lot of others have enjoyed it so I would simply caution that it is not that fast paced.

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