Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mahalas Lane by Marianne Cushing

3 Star

Exhausted and dismayed, Madi Lyons arrives on the rocky shores of Maine, hoping for a relaxing respite from Madison Avenue’s relentless grind. Twelve-hour days and the sudden news of her best friend’s engagement have the aspiring creative director’s head spinning. Shortly after settling in at the quaint rental cottage, she is awoken by the local sheriff with startling news: A woman has been murdered on her private beach. A violent encounter next door and an elusive stranger draw Madi deeper into Mahalas Lane’s mysterious past, while a magnetic attraction propels her into the sheriff’s welcoming arms. Will she find the solace she seeks, or will a small town’s dark secrets cost her the ultimate sacrifice—the love of her life?

Sabrina-Kate  - 3 Star

Mahalas Lane is a debut novel from Marianne Cushing and I really enjoyed her description of Maine as it truly brought it to life. I could definitely tell that Cushing was very well acquainted with the area and I would even dare say that she loves it. The descriptions were vivid and I felt like I could almost smell the salt air!

Mahalas Lane was a pretty short read so even though the story flowed fairly well, it did feel to me like the plot was a bit rushed. There were also things that I didn't quite buy into... Like if Madi was a virtual stranger in the community, why would she be so involved in the investigation of a murder? Especially since she was by no means a law enforcement professional?

I also was someone disinterested in the murder story involving a love story. I just don't see how it could be possible. If someone sees something traumatic or is involved in any way, I would think that your mind is upset and stressed and not particularly thinking about romance. I would have liked the author to focus on one aspect or the other.

Mahalas Lane was well written despite the fact that I didn't like the story itself so I am interested in seeing what Marianne Cushing comes up with next.

Thank you to the author for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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