Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Mommy Mob by Rebecca Eckler

3.5 Star

RebeccaEckler, famous for her frank and funny books about modern parenting, has joined the burgeoning ranks of mommy bloggers. Her posts go gamely into territory where others fear to tread. Her daughter discovers her vibrator beside the bedside table and uses it as a microphone. She argues that it's fine to take a vacation when the boy is just ten weeks old. She hires a pro to teach her kid to ride a bike. This book is about what happens next. The world of mommy blogging has introducedEcklerto a constituency previously unknown to her: The Mommy Mob. AnytimeEcklerreveals a truth too raw for her readers to stomach-which, let's face it, she does constantly-the Mommy Mob bursts out of the nursery and all hell breaks loose. This is the first look at the hidden world of mommy bloggers-4 million self-described mommy bloggers in North America alone.

Kathryn - 3.5 Star

Rebecca Eckler seems to inspire a reaction. Whether it's good or bad, if you've heard of her, you've got an opinion.  This series of commentaries on her own blog posts came to me from friend because I'd read a few of her novels in the past. With mixed feelings I began reading The Mommy Mob, not sure what to expect.

To be honest, I have found that Eckler’s writing tone seems often to be a bit whiney which has can actually become a bit grating.  My trouble is though, that at the foundation I actually agree with almost all of her thoughts.  I'm not the kind of mother who believes I should give up my entire self for the little people I have brought into my life and I have often struggled with the thought that perhaps I am not all that maternal.  For some reason, when I became mother I believed I would automatically be equipped with a new selfless mode...the one that puts her children first always, forever and without hesitation.  Alas, that program upgrade must have been out of stock when my daughter was born because despite falling in love with this small being on sight I was still interested in my own self. Rebecca Eckler appears to be on the same page as I am and for that I respect her thoughts as an honest mum’s opinion.

This series of commentaries really delves into the things the so called "mommy mob" feel they need to say in reaction to her posts. I agree with her frustration at the sometimes “holier-than-thou” attitudes to her musings. The fact that some mothers feel the need to criticize each other is a problem for today's modern parent.  Although it may be considered a bit self-important to list a list of complaints about her own blog posts, I think that the deep down message from this book is that we need to start accepting that there are different ways to parent. We need learn from each other, laugh with each other and enjoy our kids in our own ways without pointing fingers.

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