Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Day We Disappeared by Lucy Robinson

5 Star

Annie has a secret. But if she's not going to tell, we won't either. It's a heart-breaking secret she wishes she didn't have - yet Annie isn't broken, not quite yet. Especially now there's someone out there who seems determined to fix her.

Kate has run away. But she's not going to tell us why - that would defeat the point of running, wouldn't it? It's proving difficult to reinvent herself, however, with one person always on her mind.

Scratch beneath the surface and nobody is really who they seem. Even Annie and Kate, two old friends, aren't entirely sure who they are any more. Perhaps you can work it out, before their pasts catch up with them for good . . .


Kathryn - 5 Star

The first part of this novel was a little slow for me.  I remember I had the same tiny struggle with the last novel I read by Lucy Robinson because I found the characters were a little dry at the outset.  However I also knew (because of the last novel) that once engrossed I loved this author’s stories. 

It took a bit but I eventually became invested in both Annie and Kate’s tales- I was so curious about their secrets that I raced through the last three hundred pages at an alarming rate. I was trying to get to the end before the inevitable peak of the book and was worried these charming women were going to end up in a bad place.  I shouldn’t have worried about my early wariness about the likeability of the characters as I was entirely attached to both Annie and Kate and the lovely people they were surrounded by.  Each one was well-rounded, gave something to the plot and boosted the more central characters they were with.  The detail of surroundings was also perfect and sparkled with clarity. 
Unfortunately you can’t really review the story of this novel- suffice it to say that it was fast-paced, intricately woven and though suspenseful and sometimes terrifying there were enough funny phrases and moments that I found myself giggling once or twice.  I really cannot say anything more because it would ruin the plot- sorry.

You may be on the edge of your seat for this one but rest-assured there was nothing left unexplained (though I would have preferred a more conclusive ending to a trial that takes place towards the end) and you will finish it feeling satisfied and, if you read it at the same pace I did, a little bit like you were run over by a bus.  The Day We Disappeared was fabulous and for my next Lucy Robinson novel I will remind myself early on that it may take me little longer to warm up but it is always worth the wait!

Thank you to Penguin UK for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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