Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Stolen Girl by Renita D'Silva

5 Star

For as long as thirteen-year-old Diya can remember, it’s always been just her and her mum, Vani. Despite never staying in one place long enough to call it home, with her mother by her side, Diya has never needed anything else. 

Then, in an instant, Diya’s fragile world is shattered. Her mother is arrested, accused of abducting Diya when she was a baby…

Vani has spent a lifetime looking over her shoulder, determined to make the best possible life for her daughter. Now she must fight for her child, re-opening the door to her childhood in India and the woman who was once as close to her as a sister.

Told through the eyes of Diya, Vani and Aarti, this is a heart-breaking story of friendship and betrayal, love and motherhood, which asks the question;  how far would you go to protect your only child?
Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

Every time that I read one of Renita D Silva's books, I find myself simply amazed by her incredible talent. Each story is woven together in a fabulous way, making me fall in love with each and every character and every aspect of the story. To be such a masterful storyteller is truly a blessing.

The story of Diya switches back and forth between herself and Vani and Aarti. The story is easy to follow despite hearing different opinions and events and takes place, as is typical in D'Silva's books, in England and India. The facts are portrayed so well that it makes this feel like a very real and honest experience that could easily be based on a true story.

My heart broke for Diya and all of the pain and uncertainty that she had to go through. This story was uncomfortable to read because it dealt with a lot of hurt and dishonesty. That fact did not take away from the incredible plot but the subject matter is not light nor is it easy to forget. 

I could also feel for Vani and Aarti, the two mothers involved, who were raised in very different circumstances, which ultimately had long term effects on them and also on those they held dear. I always find it very telling (and interesting) to see how societal norms can affect an individual in a new country or life, much like the characters in this novel.

This book was everything that I love about a great read. Amazing characters, realistic, heartbreaking yet heartwarming. A must read for anyone who loves a great story that will resonate with you for a long time afterwards.

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