Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Idea of Love by Patti Callahan Henry

5 Star

As we like to say in the south: "Don't let the truth get in the way of a good story."

Ella's life has been completely upended. She's young, beautiful, and deeply in love—until her husband dies in a tragic sailing accident while trying save her. Or so she'll have everyone believe. Screenwriter Hunter needs a hit, but crippling writers' block and a serious lack of motivation are getting him nowhere. He's on the look-out for a love story. It doesn't matter who it belongs to. 

When Hunter and Ella meet in Watersend, South Carolina it feels like the perfect match, something close to fate. In Ella, Hunter finds the perfect love story, full of longing and sacrifice. It's the stuff of epic films. In Hunter, Ella finds possibility. It's an opportunity to live out a fantasy – the life she wishes she had because hers is too painful. And more real. Besides. what's a little white lie between strangers? 
But one lie leads to another, and soon Hunter and Ella find themselves caught in a web of deceit. As they try to untangle their lies and reclaim their own lives, they feel something stronger is keeping them together. And so they wonder: can two people come together for all the wrong reasons and still make it right?

Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

I have always somewhat adored Patti Callahan Henry's books and the stunning cover of this one particularly spoke to me. Such a simple and classic design yet very beautiful. 

The main characters were Ella and Hunter, two people broken and trying to find their way after their respective lives were turned upside down. Ella's husband has recently died in a tragic accident but not all is what is seems with their relationship. As each detail is revealed it starts to make sense that you cannot always know the one you love. It also explains why Ella is acting as she is, in part.  Hunter is also going through his own tumultuous tragedy of sorts. He has lost his ability to write and as a screenwriter, this is devastating.

It makes sense to me that two people who area damaged and hurt can be drawn together. It was very interesting to see how they developed together. Compelling and with an interesting love story woven with lies. A strange premise at times. How does one fall in love with someone based on dishonesty? The absolute Southern charm radiated throughout this book though and it was an inspiring read full of the truth of life and what truly matters in the end. What really struck me was that despite all the painful and hard things that life can bring you, love can triumph.

Thank you to St.Martin's Press for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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