Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Expect a Miracle by Jenny Long with Bob Der

3 Star

Jenny Long's young life tipped into chaos at age 12 with the death of her mother. By 18, she was a high school dropout, pregnant, and married to a convicted felon. But with the birth of her son Conner, Jenny vowed to end the vicious cycle and make a better life for her new family. 

Two years later, Jenny's second son, Cayden, was born with spastic cerebral palsy. Undaunted by the doctor's recommendation to place her disabled son in an assisted living facility, she made the courageous decision to raise him at home. Similarly unfazed by Cayden's disability, older brother Conner developed a loving relationship with Cayden, engaging and respecting him with a grace and determination that belied his young age. At age 7, Conner, determined to share his love of athletics with Cayden, entered the Nashville Kids Triathlon, pushing and pulling Cayden every step of the course. The two brothers crossed the finish line together, and their thrilling and emotional race captured the hearts of millions and earned both boys Sports Illustrated Kids's SportsKids of the Year award

Sabrina-Kate - 3 Star

This biographical story was not the usual type of thing I read yet I do enjoy a good true story so I agreed to try it out. I wasn't disappointed as it wasn't a very long book and the story itself was fairly interesting but I was somewhat disappointed that it wasn't more about Jenny's children, as the synopsis led me to believe.

Her story is as compelling as her children's because she has been through a lot and definitely faced down some demons and made it through hard times. The story was written in a very interesting and enjoyable way, with the beginning of each chapter setting the scene through a flashback of Jenny's life then quickly starting over with the present day. I really liked that way of writing and that each chapter was fairly short therefore giving me a good perspective on past and present and the complete picture.

Again though, the story was really mainly about Jenny and much less about her children and the race so although I enjoyed it, I feel like it was portrayed incorrectly and that is why I could not rate it higher.

Thank you to Sports Illustrated Books for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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