Sunday, November 22, 2015

Three Girls and a Baby by Rachel Schurig

3 Star

Ginny McKensie's life is spiraling out of control. 

Finished with college, she should have been planning her wedding. After all, Ginny and Josh were made for each other—everyone said so. Except the love of her life didn't agree. 

Now Ginny is back in her hometown, unwillingly single, and stuck in a dead-end job. When she discovers she's pregnant, Ginny is convinced her life is ending. Instead of planning a future with Josh, she's learning the truth about morning sickness, juggling bills, and seeing just how far designer jeans can stretch.

Her life-plan never included dating again (not even with her too-hot new boss), or being a single mother at 23. Now, with the help of her best friends, Annie and Jen, Ginny must try to re-imagine—and rebuild—a life she never wanted.

Kathryn - 3 Star

This novel was sweet and endearing and I loved it.  The main attraction for me was obviously the bond between the friends as they were so entirely committed to helping each other and making things work for Ginny.

I had a couple of quibbles with the plot line. For example the relationship with Josh was frustrating because you knew that he hadn’t been given the right information by his mother - the author tried to make this fact appear plausible but it was entirely unrealistic to me that he wouldn’t have gotten in touch again. Josh and Ginny seemed to have such a bond that I hoped he would come around before he did. 

I was sad about Ginny’s upbringing and wished her family had been explored a little bit more in the story but it made perfect sense that her attraction to Josh (and his stability) came from the feeling that she wasn’t what her parents were expecting as a child or a teenager. 

However much I wished things were different between Ginny and her parents or Josh the fact was that the novel was created based on her bond with her friends- who were delightfully involved in the arrival of the baby, helping their friend and being aunties to the new arrival.  The friendship was the focus for me and I loved them together. I felt as if I was introduced to some new friends in Three Girls and a Baby and am very tempted to seek out the next books with the same characters- I believe there are a few of them!

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