Friday, January 15, 2016

Secrets of the Last Nazi by Iain King

4 Star

Berlin, 2015 – a well-connected SS Commander is found dead, having protected the last secret of the Nazi empire for seventy years. A discovery by Nazi Scientists so potent it could change the balance of world power – forever. 
Led by misfit military historian Myles Munro, an international team begin to piece together the complex puzzle left by SS Captain Werner Stolz. As their hunt across Europe gathers pace, the brutal killing of one of the group signals that they are not the only ones chasing the answer. 
Plunged into a world of international espionage, Myles only has his intellect and instincts to keep him alive. As the team edge closer to an explosive truth, it becomes clear to him that there is a traitor amongst them. 
Who can Myles trust? And can he unravel the clues of the past in time to save the future? 

Kathryn - 4 Star

Not my usual genre I found myself intrigued by the title of the novel before I really got into the plot. There was something about the title that made me want to find out what secrets there could possibly still be out there to find about such a horrific part of human history.  The novel is suspenseful from the first pages and though we are exposed quite early to the Nazi secrets of the title there are aspects of the plot that remain a mystery for a long time yet- thus the suspenseful nature of the book!

I was thoroughly on edge most of the read- I wasn’t sure who to trust and was convinced we were going to be losing delegate members at every chapter so was a bit wary about who I would allow myself to like. The imminent danger after the first lost member was palpable for me and yet they seemed determined to follow through on their mission. Personally I would have called in some bigger guns but that’s likely why this is not the profession for me. I loved the descriptions of the areas and it really came alive for me in many scenes. The characters were properly developed without taking anything away from the fast pace of the plot.

My only complaint was a murder scene with a hanging that left me feeling like I’d been given too much imagery to be able to sleep that night.  This is exactly why I’m not usually a suspense/thriller reader- my whole family is up at night due to my bad dreams!  Luckily I pushed through that scene and there were no others quite so gory and nightmare inducing. I was really glad I did because the novel  was full of interesting thoughts and the challenges to scientific, religious and ethereal concepts throughout definitely made me think. 

Thank you to Bookouture for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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