Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Girl's Guide to Getting Hitched by Sophie Hart

4 Star

Rule number one: Keep calm and marry on…

When new mum and events planner Julia Crawford is given the opportunity to plan three weddings, she jumps at the chance. What could possibly go wrong? … 

Forget bridezilla, Aimee’s future mother-in-law is the stuff of nightmares – hell bent on taking over the wedding entirely. Worse still, her fiancĂ©, Jon, seems oblivious. Aimee’s starting to wonder if she and her groom-to-be are right for each other after all… 

Body shy Debbie is on a mission. She’s determined to shed a lot of pounds before the big day. As the wedding inches closer, will the new Debbie lose sight of what’s really important? 

Gill loves Mike and their blended family of five kids to bits, but with a house full of teenage hormones and her eldest, Kelly, struggling with so much change, Gill is feeling the pressure... 

As the women bond over cake and a cuppa, can they each resolve their wedding woes before the big day? 

Kathryn - 4 Star

This novel really made me smile. Not the first book of Sophie Hart’s I’ve read, I was expecting to be immediately immersed in the story and I wasn’t disappointed. The characters are always realistic and I find them easy to relate to which is automatically a nice thing.

Julie is a fairly typical new mum I would suspect- completely besotted but also overwhelmed about the time management required with a new baby- the lack of one’s old life bringing issues up with your spouse, which then have to be dealt with around the needs of a child.  I liked her personal decision though to get back into event planning and liked that Hart made sure to have them navigate the new pressure on their schedules.  They were a good guide to what may happen after getting hitched.

I was also charmed by the friendships between the women that arose from Julie’s wedding planning. It was nice for them all to develop such closeness despite being at different stages of life. It’s not always easy to make new friends at this age and the author made it seem completely natural.
Debs and Gill were coming at their weddings from different perspectives and yet they both had solid relationships to build on with their partners whereas Aimee was in doubt about hers from the get-go.  It was obvious it wasn’t going to work out but I admired Aimee’s journey to find herself while realising what was wrong with her partnership.  (Plus the crazy mother in law made for some good moments in the novel. Wow!)

The Girl’s Guide to Getting Hitched was a heart-warming story of friendship and relationships which you will breeze through with a smile on your face.

Thank you to Bookouture for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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