Thursday, March 31, 2016

Name 3 things with Libby Cudmore

Please welcome Libby Cudmore, author of The Big Rewind, as she lets us into her life with our Name 3 Things interview!

About Libby:

Libby Cudmore worked at video stores, bookstores, and temp agencies before settling down in upstate New York to write. Her short stories have appeared in PANK, The Stoneslide Corrective, The Big Click, and Big Lucks. The Big Rewind is her first novel.

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Libby Cudmore on Name 3 things:

Name three things one wouldn’t normally expect to find…

 In your fridge

– Evaporated Milk.  I use it for my coffee.
– Daifuku
– A magnetic Hall/Oates 2012 bumper sticker

In your purse

– A tiny triceratops named Valerie
– A St. Christopher medallion.  
– A vintage compact mirror with a mother-of-pearl finish

In/On your bedside table

– A signed photo of actor Jay Karnes as Dutch Wagenbach in The Shield.  
– A plush Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
– American Girl Grin Pins.  

In your car

– A vintage red prom dress from a photo shoot
– A crow skull
– A half eaten pack of protein chews we got as a free sample, but we keep forgetting to throw out

On your desk/writing spot

– A framed 1951 ad for that reads "I Dreamed I Was a Lady Editor In My Maidenform Bra."  
– The poster for Sideways
– A portrait of my friend Jenny, taken by her sister Heather, holding up a sign that reads, "It's Art, Stupid"

In the "junk drawer"

– A program from Danny Elfman's Tim Burton Tribute at Lincoln Center
– A keychain blowtorch
– A handheld massager 

In your closet/garage/storage room

– A messenger bag made out of a chicken feed bag
– A Doc Martens polish kit
– A dinosaur hoodie

In your music or movie collection

– Ke$ha's Animal on vinyl 
– The Brothers Solomon.  
– Nightwish, Wishmaster

On your bookshelf

 – Papercraft books.  I made all my own journals and I start most stories in longhand, so I'm constantly looking for new ways to create the perfect writing space.  
– A Mexican-inspired shrine, with bride and groom cacalas that were my husband & I's wedding cake topper. 
– Eric Powell's The Goon

The Big Rewind

Listening to someone else’s mix tapes is a huge breach of trust. But KitKat was dead . . . and curiosity got the better of me.
When a mix tape destined for her friend KitKat accidentally arrives in Jett Bennett’s mailbox, Jett doesn’t think twice about it—even in the age of iTunes and Spotify, the hipster residents of the Barter Street district of Brooklyn are in a constant competition to see who can be the most retro.
But when Jett finds KitKat dead on her own kitchen floor, she suspects the tape might be more than just a quirky collection of lovelorn ballads. And when KitKat’s boyfriend, Bronco, is arrested for her murder, Jett and her best friend, Sid, set out on an epic urban quest through strip joints and record stores, vegan bakeries and basement nightclubs, to discover who the real killer is. However, the further Jett digs into KitKat’s past, the more she discovers about her own left-behind love life—and the mysterious man whose song she still clings to. . . .

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