Friday, March 4, 2016

Suzanne Davis Gets A Life by Paula Marantz Cohen

3 Star

Suzanne Davis lounges around her tiny New York City apartment in her pajamas, writing press releases for the International Association of Air-Conditioning Engineers, listening to the ticking of her biological clock, and wondering where life is taking her. As her 35th birthday looms, Suzanne embarks on a wrong-headed, but very funny, quest—to find Mr. Right and start the family she hopes will give meaning to her life.

Her quest plunges us into the world of her Upper West Side apartment building, a world of overly invested mothers, fanatical dog-owners, curmudgeonly longtime residents, and young (and not so young) professionals. All are keenly observed by Suzanne, whose witty self-deprecation endears her to us even as it makes us want to shake some sense into her.

Sabrina-Kate - 3 Star

I loved the idea of this book and I also loved that it was set in my favorite city, New York City. I am a big believer in making your own opportunities and fixing what is broken in your life, so Suzanne Davis was a woman after my own heart. However, I did not love the style of writing and I am sick to death of authors relying on other authors as part of their own story. If I never read another book with Jane Austen in it, I wouldn’t mind to be honest.

I didn’t really like Suzanne that much though I appreciated certain aspects of her character. However after some time, I did find myself warming up to her or at least just getting used to her ways I suppose. The story did somewhat drag on at the beginning but then found its stride partway through. Interspersed with heavy topics like cancer but peppered with some very humourous bits, the book ended up being a fairly enjoyable read showing just how we can change and grow when we need to most.

Thank you to Paul Dry Books for our review copy. All opinions are our own.

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