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Would you rather....with Aimee Bealer

Please welcome Aimee Bealer, author of Pronouncing Enzo.

Aimee Bealer:

Aimee had a hard time staying in one place after she traveled to France as an exchange student at seventeen. She has lived in Baltimore, Hartford, Cincinnati, East Anglia, Seoul, and London. In London she clubbed a hot Brit over the head and dragged him home to America. Now the mother of two dual citizens, Aimee lives with her husband and children in Maryland.

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Would You Rather... 
with Aimee Bealer

Chips, chocolate or cheese?

Chocolate every time. Except when there’s no chocolate on offer, and then it’s cheese.

Bridget Jones, Becky Bloomwood or Carrie Bradshaw?

Bridget! That goofy girl cracks me up, makes me cringe, and touches my normal-girl heart.

Wine, beer or vodka?

Okay, confession: I have the palate of a five-year-old. I don’t care for wine and beer – they taste gross to me, sorry! But vodka mixed with juice would be okay.

Camping or spa vacation?

I’m a mom, so spa vacation please!! It only happens a couple times a year, but I love going with my little sis for the manicure/pedicure treatment and laughing/dishing about everything while we sit in the lap of luxury.

Water or mountains?

Mountains…the hills are alive! But seriously, I’m an active person and love to hike, kayak, and bike with my husband and children. Or anyone who will come with me.

Zombies or vampires?

Sultry, sensual, sexy vampires. So intense, smoldering with passion. You just know a vampire would be a fabulous date, as long as you don’t go home with him.

Dogs or cats?

Don’t tell my dog, but totally cats. Because my husband and daughter have cat allergies we got the dog for the kids, and I do really love her. She’s a mini Whoodle and as close to a cat as a dog can pretty much get.

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke with Malibu  - a throwback to my junior year in college spent abroad in Norwich, England. I haven’t had it in about a decade!

Coffee or tea?

I love the smell of coffee…and if I add enough cream and sugar it’s really good (palate of a five-year-old). But because my husband is English, he got me hooked on tea eighteen years ago.

Dine out or take away?

Oh, please somebody take me out to dinner! I love it…mainly because I almost never get out of the house unaccompanied by children, but also because dining out means I won’t be cooking, re-heating, or washing up after. And restaurants are great for people-watching and conversation-eavesdropping. I love spotting people who would make great fictional characters.

High heels, sneakers or flip flops?

Sneakers! I’m all about comfort. But every once in a while I go to DSW and try on high heels and walk around feeling sexy. Until they hurt, and then I put them back and go home.

Physical Book or ebook?

This one isn’t quite fair because I’ve never actually read an ebook. I love physical books, but lately I’ve been finding myself feeling ebook-curious. There might be a Kindle in my future.

Paperback or Hardcover?

Paperback because it’s lighter and I can stash it in my bag for whenever I get a minute. Mostly waiting for a kid to get out of dance class or soccer practice.

Pen or pencil?

Pencil for my date book because things might change. Pen for letter-writing and colored ones for marking manuscripts.

Mad Men, Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad?

I don’t watch any because I just don’t have time for TV anymore. Sigh. But I suspect it would be Downton Abbey, dahling.

Drama or comedy?

I go through phases depending on where I am in my life. Right now, comedy. Laughter feels so damn good.

Twilight or Hunger Games?

 Hunger Games! Though I won’t let my kids read it till they are thirteen.

Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?

Tinted chapstick. I recommend Burt’s Bees.

Facebook or Twiter?

Facebook, but only because I’ve never tried Twitter and I’m kinda scared of it. My daughter has promised to teach me when I’m feeling brave.

Plot your entire novel or fly by the seat of your pants?

A mixture of both. It starts with an idea, like ‘What if this happened…?’ Then when I get a ways in and know my characters I start outlining like mad. Though the outline morphs as I go.

Pronouncing Enzo

Hester Hastings is the best dialect coach in Hollywood. The hottest actors pay her top dollar to help them master accents that will wow the critics. She would never offer free lessons to an ex-con from South Central L.A. and let him live in her pool cabana…until her best friend challenges her to a crazy bet. 
In only three months, Hester must transform the ex-con so he can dazzle Hollywood royalty posing as an up-and-coming British actor. 
Enzo Diaz just got out of jail. He is determined to get a good job and turn his life around. But with a criminal record and an accent straight from the streets, his job prospects aren’t looking good. When Hester offers to polish his English and give him a place to stay it’s a no-brainer. Enzo is desperate for a chance at a better life. 
Hester didn’t count on finding out Enzo’s rough exterior hides a heart of gold. But just when she starts to fall for him, she discovers his shocking secret. 
Forget winning the bet. Does Hester have the courage to win at love? 

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