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David Meredith Stranded on a desert island

Please welcome David Meredith, author of The Reflections of Queen Snow White, as he tackles our Desert Island Interview!

About David:

David Meredith is a writer and educator originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. He recieved both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts from East Tennessee State University, in Johnson City, Tennessee as well as a Tennessee State Teaching license. On and off, he spent nearly a decade, from 1999-2010 teaching English in Northern Japan, but currently lives with his wife and three children in the Nashville Area where he continues to write and teach English.

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David Meredith Stranded on a Desert Island

If you could only have one book with you, what would it be?

Neither of them are my favorite books, but in the name of pure utility, perhaps My Side of the Mountain or Hatchet. The Official Boy Scout Handbook might not be a bad idea to have around either.

What one luxury item would you want to be stranded with?

Perhaps a private jet, but I suppose that would rather defeat the purpose of being stranded in the first place, so maybe a really comfortable bed.

What is the one practical item you would want to have with you to use?

You mean, besides a volleyball with a face on it? I suppose the most important would be a sturdy knife… or maybe an ice skate.

Would you enjoy the solitude, even briefly, or would it drive you crazy?

In general, I enjoy solitude so I don’t suppose it would be all that bad. I’m not a misanthrope though, so it would probably get to me eventually.

If you could be stranded with one other person, who would you want it to be?

I suppose the easy answer is my wife, but if you are talking famous or literary figures probably Bear Gryllis. He might feed me grubs, mold, and fungus, but at least I’d survive.

What modern technology would you miss the most?

I’m sure it would be my computer. I’ve rushed off to work without my laptop a time or two and I might as well have been marooned on a desert island. Those made for really long days.

What food or beverage would you miss the most?

Well, since Bear is out spearing fish in our lagoon, I’d be free to get the coconut rum distillery up and running, so I think I’d be good. ;)

How many days do you think you would cope without rescue?

The thing about coping with tragedy and hardship of any kind is that you never know how much of it you can handle until you are forced to handle it. For most people, that amount is almost always far more than they previously believed they could ever endure.

What is the first thing you would do when rescued?

Bath, shave, and haircut.

What would be your first Tweet or Facebook update upon your return?

Well… I’m back! Spalding didn’t make it.  #railsonraftnexttime

The Reflections of Queen Snow White

What happens when "happily ever after" has come and gone? 

On the eve of her only daughter, Princess Raven's wedding, an aging Snow White finds it impossible to share in the joyous spirit of the occasion. The ceremony itself promises to be the most glamorous social event of the decade. Snow White’s castle has been meticulously scrubbed, polished and opulently decorated for the celebration. It is already nearly bursting with jubilant guests and merry well-wishers. Prince Edel, Raven's fiancĂ©, is a fine man from a neighboring kingdom and Snow White's own domain is prosperous and at peace. Things could not be better, in fact, except for one thing: 

The king is dead. 

The queen has been in a moribund state of hopeless depression for over a year with no end in sight. It is only when, in a fit of bitter despair, she seeks solitude in the vastness of her own sprawling castle and climbs a long disused and forgotten tower stair that she comes face to face with herself in the very same magic mirror used by her stepmother of old. 

It promises her respite in its shimmering depths, but can Snow White trust a device that was so precious to a woman who sought to cause her such irreparable harm? Can she confront the demons of her own difficult past to discover a better future for herself and her family? And finally, can she release her soul-crushing grief and suffocating loneliness to once again discover what "happily ever after" really means? 

Only time will tell as she wrestles with her past and is forced to confront The Reflections of Queen Snow White. 

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