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Name 3 things with Deborah Coonts

Please welcome Deborah Coonts, author of Crushed, as she lets us into her life with our Name 3 Things interview!

About Deborah:
My mother tells me I was born a very long time ago, but I'm not so sure--my mother can't be trusted. These things I do know: I was raised in Texas on barbeque, Mexican food and beer. I am the author of Wanna Get Lucky? (A NY Times Notable Crime Novel and double RITA™ Finalist), its five sequels, Lucky Break being the latest, and four between-the-books novellas. Currently I'm stretching my writer muscles working on a women's fiction/contemporary romance series set in Napa, a dark thriller, a romantic suspense series featuring a female helicopter pilot, as well as the next Lucky adventure--all very different projects. So, if you see me with a glass of Champagne in hand, you'll understand. I can usually be found at the bar, but also at www.deborahcoonts.com.

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Deborah Coonts on Name 3 things:

Name three things one wouldn’t normally expect to find…

 In your fridge

-Fresh fruit I never get around to eating. Fruit is for breakfast and I’m not a breakfast eater…even though I have the best of intentions. They say breakfast is good for you and that killed it for me. I never trust things “they” espouse. Yes, I have an authority issue.

-Rotten vegetables. I don’t know what happens. I buy veggies and put them in the proper drawer. But out of sight, out of mind. When I remember the poor things they bear little resemblance to their former selves. That friggin’ drawer shouldn’t be labeled ‘vegetables’ it should be label ‘the rotter.’

-Champagne. Now, this is where I get it right. Perfectly chilled, always waiting for the right moment.

In your purse

-A tiny Moleskin for jotting flashes of brilliance. Yes, my characters are evil—they love to impress me with their cleverness and cunning when I am away from the computer. They can’t fool me—hence the handy Moleskin.

-My passport. I LOVE to travel and, well, you never know. So I’m always ready with a passport and a credit card. Everything else can be bought when I get where I’m going. Now, mind you, I’ve never actually put this theory to use, but there’s always a first time for everything.

-A blue Sharpie for signing copies of my books. This is have been called upon to use from time to time, and I’m most grateful for each and every request!

In/On your bedside table

-My Kindle. Yes, I’ve gone to the dark side. I still love the feel of a print book, but with all the traveling I do, a Kindle makes so much more sense. I’m getting used to the reading experience. The buying experience already has me hooked. Is there a 12-step program for “Buy with One click” addicts?

-A glass of water. What can I say, I have this thing about making sure I have water close at hand before I can sleep. I have no idea where this compulsion came from. And, worse, the water can’t be tap water—it must be bottled. Oh yeah, I’m great fun to travel with. You do not want to see me at two a.m. with no water bottle—it’s not pretty.

-My phone. I know, as if I’m important or something. I’m fully aware that the President will probably not call to tap me to negotiate world peace, but still, one can dream, right?

In your car

Absolutely nothing—I am a neat freak when it comes to my car. Okay, well maybe a copy or two of one of my books to give away to an unsuspecting seat-mate on a plane or something, but that’s it.

On your desk/writing spot

Not such a neat freak here.

-Scanner. I know. You would think some nobody writer like me would never need a scanner. Holy cow would you be wrong. I never knew how nice such a device could make life.

-An extra set of glasses. Yes, I suffer from the horrible eye disease, TMB (too many birthdays). Can’t read a thing without my glasses. I resent it horribly, but I also hyperventilate if I’m caught anywhere without my cheaters.

-Glass of Champagne. No, not going to elaborate. Is elaboration necessary?

In the "junk drawer"

-Batteries. And it doesn’t matter how many and how many different types, the one I will need to silence the smoke detector at 2 a.m. is the one I don’t have.

-A screwdriver and duct tape—with those two things, all is possible. Well, okay, add a length of rope, THEN all things are possible.

In your closet/garage/storage room

-All my old computers dating back to college. Even though the operating systems are too old to talk to any other piece of equipment these days, and, even if nobody has floppy disks anymore, there just might be some hint of an idea, a brilliantly turned phrase, or a sublime paragraph, on one of the hard drives that I might put to use.

-My old diplomas, framed and ready for….what? Heck, the admission to the Texas Bar is big enough to make a bedspread out of. Through the years I’ve downsized so many times I don’t even have a whole wall large enough for that thing.

-A box of jeans from high school because I’m going to fit in them again one day. My classmates laughed at me when I told them about the jeans at our 40th reunion. Really bad form.

In your music or movie collection

-Every movie Fred Astaire made.

-Ditto Rogers and Hammerstein. 

-Add Sleepless in Seattle, Sabrina, Born Yesterday and The Princess Bride and, with my Champagne always chilling in the fridge, I have the perfect antidote to a mean world.

On your bookshelf

-Too many books to read in this lifetime. Priceless, indeed.


Sophia Stone is a widow on the brink of an empty nest, stuck in an unsatisfying job managing the vineyard for a mediocre Napa vintner. Faced with an uncertain future she wonders how do you choose between making a living and making a life? Between protecting your heart and sharing it? Five years ago, after her husband was killed in an accident, Sophia put her heart and dreams on ice to care for those around her. Now her home, her dreams, and her family’s legacy grapes are threatened by the greed of the new money moving into the Valley. Sophia has a choice—give up and let them take what is hers, or risk everything fighting a battle everyone says she can’t win.

Nico Treviani has one goal in life: make brilliant wine. A woman would be an unwanted distraction. So, while recognized as one of Napa’s premier vintners, Nico finds himself alone… until his brother’s death drops not one, but two women into his life—his thirteen-year-old twin nieces. In an instant, Nico gains a family and loses his best friend and partner in the winemaking business. Struggling to care for his nieces, Nico accepts a job as head winemaker for Avery Specter, one of the new-money crowd. And he learns the hard way that new money doesn’t stick to the old rules.

When Sophia Stone gets caught in the middle of Nico’s struggle to remain true to himself or sacrifice his convictions to make stellar wine, both Sophia and Nico are faced with a choice they never imagined. A choice that might extinguish the hope of a future neither expected.

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