Sunday, July 17, 2016

Would you rather...with Nicole Trilivas

Please welcome Nicole Trilivas, author of Girls who travel.

Nicole Trilivas:


Nicole Trilivas has a deep appetite for travel and adventure and has visited nearly forty countries and every continent except Antarctica (but it’s on her list). Her debut novel, GIRLS WHO TRAVEL (December 2015, Berkley Penguin) is now available.

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Would You Rather... 
with Nicole Trilivas

Chips, chocolate or cheese?

All of them, all at once.

Bridget Jones, Becky Bloomwood or Carrie Bradshaw?

As a native New Yorker, I feel an affinity for Carrie.

Wine, beer or vodka?

Wine all the time! White, red, or rosé—I don’t discriminate.

Camping or spa vacation?

Spa vacation, but camping could be fun for a night or two.

Water or mountains?

Oh, don’t make me choose.

Zombies or vampires?


Dogs or cats?

Dogs! Give me all the dogs!

Coke or Pepsi?

Diet coke. Diet cherry coke if we’re getting fancy.

Coffee or tea?

Depends on the time of the day.

Dine out or take away?

I love the experience of dining out. Food is everything!

High heels, sneakers or flip flops?

Probably flip flops, but my butt would say high heels.

Physical Book or ebook?

It’s ebook until I get a library, I’m afraid. (I’m gunning for the library from Beauty and the Beast so it may take some time…)

Paperback or Hardcover?

Eh, not bothered.

Pen or pencil?

Pen. One of those super inky ones.

Mad Men, Downton Abbey or Breaking Bad?

All three!

Drama or comedy?


Twilight or Hunger Games?

I’m a bit meh on both, but I guess Hunger Games. (Sorry, don’t hate me—it’s just not my bag!)

Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?

Lipstick, baby! Dolce vita rose red.

Facebook or Twiter?

Both, but Facebook is a bit more fun.

Plot your entire novel or fly by the seat of your pants?

Plot, plot, and plot some more!

Girls who travel

There are many reasons women shouldn’t travel alone. But as foul-mouthed, sweet-toothed Kika Shores knows, there are many more reasons why they should. After all, most women want a lot more out of life than just having fun. Kika, for one, wants to experience the world.

But ever since she returned from her yearlong backpacking tour, she’s been steeped in misery, battling rush hour with all the other suits. Getting back on the road is all she wants. So when she’s offered a nanny job in London – the land of Cadbury Cream Eggs – she’s happy at the prospect of going back overseas and getting paid for it. But as she’s about to discover, the most exhilarating adventures can happen when you stay in one place…

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