Monday, August 1, 2016

Girls who travel by Nicole Trilivas

3.5 Star

There are many reasons women shouldn’t travel alone. But as foul-mouthed, sweet-toothed Kika Shores knows, there are many more reasons why they should. After all, most women want a lot more out of life than just having fun. Kika, for one, wants to experience the world.

But ever since she returned from her yearlong backpacking tour, she’s been steeped in misery, battling rush hour with all the other suits. Getting back on the road is all she wants. So when she’s offered a nanny job in London – the land of Cadbury Cream Eggs – she’s happy at the prospect of going back overseas and getting paid for it. But as she’s about to discover, the most exhilarating adventures can happen when you stay in one place…

Kathryn - 3.5 Star

I wasn't expecting the story I read based on the title of this book. I thought that there was going to be a lot of backpacking details and scenes of meeting new people, trying new things. There was only a little bit of this and it was used only as the back story for Kika and how she got to be where she was in the present.  The funny thing was that I wasn't disappointed by the different direction at all. I really liked where Girls Who Travel went with the plot.

While Kika is trying to get her act together and save some money for her next travel venture she lands a job with a former employer and ends up in London. I loved her slightly unorthodox ways of nannying. Her potty-mouth just made her more endearing and you could feel the warmth she felt for her charges fly off the pages. Being an au-pair or a nanny seemed to fit her so well and yet there was always the pull to get back out on the road and fund her next adventure abroad.  Anyone who has the travel bug will relate to this itchy feeling of wanting to go- and yet she matures through the story to a point where she realises she’s got to find a way to fund her adventures sustainably.

Kika is an open person with much love to give and she is strong-willed with a heightened sense of justice for the people that she cares about.  She’s also very funny and someone I would love to have on my side.

If one was looking for a travel- filled series of adventures across the globe then the title would have you hooked but that wasn’t entirely what was between the pages. However I was happily drawn into Kika and happily read this story regardless.

Thank you to Penguin Group for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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