Sunday, August 14, 2016

Truth or Date by Portia MacIntosh

3 Star

Ruby Wood is perfectly happy playing the dating game – until she has a red-hot dream about her very attractive flatmate, Nick. He might spend every day saving lives as a junior doctor, but he’s absolutely the last man on earth that fun-loving Ruby would ever date!

The solution? Focus on all of Nick’s bad points. And if that fails, up her dating antics and find herself a man! So what if she manages to make disapproving, goody two-shoes Nick jealous in the process…

Only, after a series of nightmare first dates, there’s still just one man on Ruby’s mind. Maybe it’s time to admit the truth and dare to ask Nick to be her next date?

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Kathryn - 3 Star

I do like Portia MacIntosh’s novels. They are always fun and lighthearted with some hilarious moments to keep you laughing out loud. This novel is no different. Truth or Date has a certain “expectedness” to it which I don’t always find in MacIntosh's writings though– this was disappointing. I don’t think I’d be giving anything away to say that you’re very soon aware of how the novel will end.

That being said I don’t think the delivery was disappointing. There’s still a touch of the outlandish about Ruby- she’s just on the right side of mayhem in her dating game and truly I believed she was trying her very best to find the right one. She just wasn’t having any luck and her roommate Nick just kept creeping into her periphery and making himself known until she had to tackle the situation once and for all.

While in her most intense denial stage though we are treated to several incomprehensible men presented to her for dating. She’s faced with some bizarre and horrible dinners and dates. Truly, you can see why her energy is zapped and she’s inclined to lean towards something that may be a lot better…

All in all a fun and sweet novel!

Thank you to the author for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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