Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lemon Twist by Charise Olson

4 Star

Audrey is planning her perfect wedding for her perfect life and perfect future as Dr. Gregory Smith’s wife. Right up until he calls with the news his chilly feet have gone icy cold.

With an unworn dress (that was just a few salads away from fitting), a lost promotion, and living in her best friend’s spare room it’s no wonder her therapist is on speed dial.

With help from great friends, some divine intervention, and a few Lemon Twist martinis, Audrey deals with her commitment phobic fiancĂ©, her boss’ roving eye, and the decision to chuck what’s left of her life state-side and head for volunteer work in Costa Rica.

In Costa Rica, Audrey learns Spanish, the perils of raw coffee beans, and how man trouble can find you even in the rain forest.

Because while Audrey might have left a lot behind, she still manages to bring along plenty of baggage.

Kathryn - 4 Star

I have to say that this novel was pleasantly different and not exactly what I was expecting. I had anticipated an alcohol fuelled series of events to help Audrey move past her fiance's change of heart. While she certainly has a few drinks with her friends (including the titled Lemon Twist) she actually ends up internally circling her relationship end by herself much of the time. Her depression and questioning, while at times a bit prolonged, actually leads her to seek help in her long forgotten God. I haven't come across a novel like this that brings religion in so firmly. While I found the frequent Bible quotes a bit annoying as they interrupted the flow of the plot, the sentiment was well placed. While not religious myself I still really a‎ppreciated the strength she found in them.

The move to overhaul her life was fabulous. There was so much newness in her move to Costa Rica and I was then really interested in her further journey. The men presented to her while in Costa Rica were both interesting but I didn't get a great feel for their bonds. The implication was there but not a lot of time was spent on their time together. It was interesting to realise this having finished the book. I suppose most of the focus was made on the other relationships she developed, the family she lived with in the country and her host missionary. And actually this was probably the right route to take when she was trying to find out who she was, without a man. 

On the whole Lemon Twist wasn’t exactly what I was expecting and I enjoyed it.

Thank you to the author for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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