Sunday, February 26, 2017

Frosted Cowboy by Charlene Ross

3 Star

A sassy heroine, a frosty drink and a new chance at love-what could possibly go wrong?
Laney Delaney was living the dream. She had a fabulous fiance and a career as a couture wedding dress designer. But after catching her (not-so-fabulous) fiance cheating and being accused of upstaging one of her brides at a wedding, Laney finds herself with no boyfriend, no job and no plan.
After some serious soul searching, Laney is determined to start over. She embarks on a design career that takes her from a Rodeo Drive boutique to a flea market stall, but it's worth it-even if it means she has to suck up to her childhood nemesis for help.
At the same time, three very different men vie for her attention: a masseuse/screenwriter with an unfortunate reputation, a stable fireman who just doesn't spark a romantic flame, and the fireman's ridiculously hot co-worker whose illicit under-the-mistletoe kiss still burns Laney's lips.
Professionally and romantically, Laney is on the verge of reinventing her life and finding her true passion-but can she learn to trust again and believe in herself

Kathryn - 3 Star

Frosted Cowboy was exactly what I was hoping it would be.  Sassy straight shooting woman off to make her own life and gain back some independence.  I liked the premise and it suited my mood when I was reading it.  I liked the drama of the break-up. It wasn't super sickly sweet, which worked with Laney's personality I thought.  It was most unfortunate though that having lost her fiancĂ©e she shortly after loses her job- even if it wasn't her dream career it did throw her off her game somewhat. She wallowed though for a reasonable amount of time and then took the advice given to her by family and friends and tried to start her own business.  Good for her!  

I found her support system a bit lacking- her sister, though busy with her own life, was really unhelpful and her mother even worse.  I really didn't feel a family connection and though we were given some explanation of a complicated upbringing I felt there wasn't enough information there to warrant their lack of interest.  It would have made a better novel for me if her family could have taken a bigger part in the plot.

Laney does have some colourful friends and co-workers though which made up somewhat for the lack of input from her relatives. On the whole Frosted Cowboy was fun and light-hearted and I enjoyed it.

Thank you to the author for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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