Sunday, May 14, 2017

Public Relations by Katie Heaney & Arianna Rebolini

5 Star

Young PR star Rose Reed is thrown into the big leagues when her boss leaves town the day of the firm's meeting with Archie Fox, a young, hot, internationally famous British singer-songwriter. The meeting is going badly until Rose suggests a staged romance with up-and-coming, young indie star Raya. He'll do it, but only if Rose becomes his publicist. 

As the faux-mance begins to rehabilitate Archie's faltering career, Rose finds his herself having unexpected, inconvenient and definitely unprofessional feelings for the crooner. But do late night texts and impromptu burrito binges mean he feels the same? In the end, Rose will have to decide whether to let her fantasy crush go, or to risk her reputation to be with the charming, handsome, scoundrel-y but sweet pop star she's grown to love. 

Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

Chick lit at it's finest! I am so glad this duo teamed up to write books and am looking forward to many more collaborations.

Rose Reed was a lovable main character who reminded me a lot of many young women that I know, including myself at that age. Maybe I was not reminded of myself because of the career path she found herself on, but because of the utter messes she found herself in, including at work and with love.

This story was a very compulsive read - I certainly did not want to put it down! I loved how the short chapters kept me intrigued and reading forward, hoping that everything would turn out in the end, and wondering how it would. I could not help but want Rose to succeed, in work and in love both especially since they were intertwined in her case!

A feel good love story, I could see this book easily being made into a movie and one that I would love to see. I am sure that I am not alone in loving just how happy this book made me and how it made me relive my younger days in my mind.

Being set in NYC, which is one of my favorite places, also gives the book extra points in my opinion.

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

Connect with Katie Heaney & Arianna Rebolini:

Katie:    Website    Twitter     Goodreads
Arianna:   Website     Twitter    Goodreads

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