Monday, August 14, 2017

What Happens in the Alps by T.A.Williams

3 Star

UP IN THE MAGICAL, SNOW-KISSED MOUNTAINS…Two years ago, Annie Brewer’s life was turned upside down when her adrenaline-junkie husband died in a tragic climbing accident. So she’s hoping that moving to the beautiful village of Santorso in the Italian Alps will finally put her life back on track
…ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!    She might be going into business with her oldest friend – notorious lady-charmer Matt Brown – but men are definitely out of the question for Annie! That is, until she bumps into tall, dark and delicious Alessandro Lago on the ski slopes…and spontaneously says ‘Yes’ to a date!
It must be the crisp, mountain air but suddenly, anything seems possible. The only trouble is, chivalrous Matt is looking more gorgeous than ever…
Kathryn - 3 Star
I’m a big fan of T.A. Williams as he writes realistic modern romances with a female protagonist like a pro.  I’ve read every one of his novels that has come out in recent years and loved them all.
Unfortunately this one was not my favourite and I can’t really put a finger on why that was except that I didn’t warm to Annie in the same way I had warmed to the other female leads.  I ought to have done…. she has independence galore and a determination to succeed. She has overcome the loss of a partner which is obviously heartbreaking… I just didn’t desperately want to have dinner with her.
I had a hard time accepting her love interest.  He didn’t seem to fit, though I liked him, and it was very obvious from the start that she should have been looking closer to home instead.
What I did like about this novel was the setting- I loved the mountains, the lodges and the description of the snow.  I liked the skiing, the rock climbing and the workings of a new ski resort.  I felt completely immersed in the scenery.  The trademark mad dog was present all over the mountain and he added a certain freedom to the plot and I adored Annie’s assistant- a completely original character.
Maybe my issue was that I’m not a winter/ski girl?  Maybe I didn’t warm to the novel because I personally prefer warmth and water?  Perhaps that was it was but I certainly won’t let my mixed feelings about this story deter me from picking up the next T.A.Williams release!
Thank you to Penguin Random House for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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