Monday, December 11, 2017

That Crazy Perfect Someday by Michael Mazza

5 Star

The year is 2024. Climate change has altered the world’s wave patterns. Drones crisscross the sky, cars drive themselves, and surfing is a new Olympic sport. Mafuri Long, UCSD marine biology grad, champion surfer, and only female to dominate a record eighty-foot wave, still has something to prove. Having achieved Internet fame, along with sponsorship from Google and Nike, she’s intent on winning Olympic gold. But when her father, a clinically depressed former Navy captain and widower, learns that his beloved supercarrier, the USS Hillary Rodham Clinton, is to be sunk, he draws Mafuri into a powerful undertow. Conflicts compound as Mafuri’s personal life comes undone via social media, and a vicious Aussie competitor levels bogus doping charges against her. Mafuri forms an unlikely friendship with an awkward teen, a Ferrari-driving professional gamer who will prove to be her support and ballast. Authentic, brutal, and at times funny, Mafuri lays it all out in a sprightly, hot-wired voice. From San Diego to Sydney, Key West, and Manila, That Crazy Perfect Someday goes beyond the sports/surf cliché to explore the depths of sorrow and hope, yearning and family bonds, and the bootstrap power of a bold young woman climbing back into the light.

Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

Surfing has always been a sport that appeals to me. Now, I can't swim very well and I would probably never try it but I love watching it. The sheer power of nature coupled with such athleticism has long been fascinating to me so this story about Mafuri had me hooked from the beginning.

The best thing about this novel was how unique it was. I am not sure if there are any other novels about surfing but there are surely none that are quite like Mafuri and her story which had all kinds of unique characters and took us on a wild ride around the planet vacillating from past and present and we even foray into the future.

Mafuri is all kinds of bold and strong but has things in her past that are making her hesitant and weaker. This story focuses on her journey to come to terms with certain things and the renewal of her strength. Between her own fears and dealing with her father's issues, we get to see just how strong this young woman is and how she is able to accomplish her journey to the Olympics, which is her ultimate goal. 

A story about inner strength and overcoming obstacles, this was a compelling read even if I didn't understand all of the sports terms or analogies. The book was powerful enough to capture my attention and keep me vested in it.

Thank you to Wunderkind PR for our review copy.   All opinions are our own.

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