Friday, January 12, 2018

The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman

5 Star

For the Owens family, love is a curse that began in 1620, when Maria Owens was charged with witchery for loving the wrong man.

Hundreds of years later, in New York City at the cusp of the sixties, when the whole world is about to change, Susanna Owens knows that her three children are dangerously unique. Difficult Franny, with skin as pale as milk and blood red hair, shy and beautiful Jet, who can read other people’s thoughts, and charismatic Vincent, who began looking for trouble on the day he could walk.

From the start Susanna sets down rules for her children: No walking in the moonlight, no red shoes, no wearing black, no cats, no crows, no candles, no books about magic. And most importantly, never, ever, fall in love. But when her children visit their Aunt Isabelle, in the small Massachusetts town where the Owens family has been blamed for everything that has ever gone wrong, they uncover family secrets and begin to understand the truth of who they are. Back in New York City each begins a risky journey as they try to escape the family curse.

The Owens children cannot escape love even if they try, just as they cannot escape the pains of the human heart. The two beautiful sisters will grow up to be the revered, and sometimes feared, aunts in Practical Magic, while Vincent, their beloved brother, will leave an unexpected legacy.

Sabrina-Kate - 5 Star

Rarely do I read books of this type as I am not particularly interested in the paranormal and magic in general, but I fell in love with the Owens family and the children whose story this book told. The second book in a series, this book is a prequel to Practical Magic which I have not yet read but certainly will after reading this one.

Set in the sixties mostly in New York City and Massachusetts, this book tells the story of siblings Jet, Franny and Vincent whose lives were all unique but who shared many family secrets and abilities which made them close despite separations they faced over the years.  I loved hearing about this magical family and the suffering they faced due to their unique lives and the parents who tried to protect them at all cost. Facing many trials and tribulations, these three show their tenacity throughout this story which spans from childhood to adulthood and their own families. Multi-generational, the story speaks of a legacy that is everlasting and calls upon many characters throughout to weave together the story of the Owens.

A truly heartfelt story, which tugged at my heartstrings, I enjoyed getting to know this family and learning about one of my favourite cities during a fascinating time period. Alice Hoffman shows again what a master storyteller she is.

Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada for our review copy.  All opinions are our own.

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